Constant Warfare on

I do some streaming on when I can.  My work schedule doesn’t let me stream regularly.  Check out my games below, then head on over to the channel to see if i’m on.  Be sure to follow me on Twitch if i’m not!

Next Stream


Streaming Focus

  • Total War: Arena (Tier IV)
  • Wildstar (Medic, Spellslinger)
  • World of Warships (Entire US line)
  • Heroes of the Storm (Various Heroes)

If i’m ever playing a game you have questions about, feel free to ask in chat.  Some days I just play viewer’s choice.

Additional Streaming Choices

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (Smuggler/Gunslinger)
  • Guild Wars 2 (Warrior, Guardian)
  • World of Tanks (Entire US line)
  • Warmachine: Tactics (Story, Cygnar PvP)

Feel like adding something?

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