Guide To Daily Quest Hubs In Star Wars: The Old Republic

Making Credits In SWTOR

You can also try playing the GTN to make credits or farming credits without daily quests.

The easiest way to make credits in SWTOR is the daily quests.  You can start doing daily quests at level 50. Only one daily quest hub requires the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, and only one daily quest hub requires an unlock from the Cartel Market.  Luckily the best quest hubs are available to everyone, subscriber and free accounts.

I have rated the quests hubs from worst to best, the very best being at the bottom.  Read on to find out how to make easy money in SWTOR.  The Priority Transport Terminals offer quick transport to several of these daily quest hubs, so getting there is simple.  Also keep in mind if your time to complete may be different than mine if you are a healer or tank class, or the area is full.  If the area is full, consider switching to another instance if possible.

Bad Daily Quest Hubs

I recommend you skip the following daily quest hubs.  They either do not reward enough credits, or require too much time.  This guide is aimed at making you the most credits possible in the least amount of time.  If you have plenty of time, or really need the credits, some may be worthwhile.

Makeb Daily Quests

These are the worst daily quests I have ever experienced in any MMO.  It takes 15-20 minutes to finish 2-3 quests, and you might get 20,000 credits if you’re lucky.  The staged WEEKLY quest is an interesting idea, but terrible execution.  You must be level 55 to do the Makeb daily quests.  You must also have the Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion to do the Makeb daily quests.  The terminal is at your main faction base on the planet of Makeb.

I recommend you avoid this quest hub at all costs.

Belsavis Daily Quests

The Belsavis daily quests take a long time to do.  For this reason alone, I don’t like to do them.  You can make over 100,000 credits, but you’re going to spend over an hour here.  If you have the hour to dedicate to these quests, they can be worth doing.  These quests can also generate some companion affection through conversations.  If you only want to dedicate small amounts of time per run, look at one of the other daily quest hubs. Belsavis Dailies start at the Republic Wilderness Outpost or the Imperial Domination Outpost on Belsavis.  You can do the Belsavis daily quests at level 47.

I recommend you do all the Belsavis daily quests.

Good Daily Quest Hubs

These daily quest hubs are standard.  They reward a decent credit-per-minute value.  These are worth your time if you need the credits.

Yavin IV Daily Quests

Recently the rewards for these quests were normalized.  Before, they were completely worthless.  Now, they are more in line with other daily hubs.  These took me 47 minutes to complete just the quests, albeit I was kinda rusty and there was a UI bug going on.  My total credit haul, including loot and repairs, was still 99,871 credits.  That comes out to 2124 credits-per-minute.  I suspect it will be better than that for you, and that it will be worthwhile to do the daily quests as well.  You will also get 4,158 reputation with these quests.

I recommend you do this quest hub.

Section X Daily Quests

The Section X daily hub must be unlocked for free accounts.  Subscribers can access Section X for free.  These quests take about 30 minutes if you do the HEROIC 2+ quest.  The Section X daily quests reward about 75,000 credits without doing the HEROIC 4.    You are also rewarded reputation items that increase your reputation with your faction’s reputation.  The HEROIC 4 quest for Section X requires 4 players to complete, so don’t try to do it with less.  You can get to these quests by using any travel terminal across the galaxy.  You can unlock the Section X daily quests at level 50.

I recommend you do all the Section X daily quests, but skip the HEROIC 4.

Ilum Daily Quests

Ilum daily quests are easy and quick to do.  They take about 20-30 minutes to solo if you do the HEROIC 2+ quest.  You can solo the HEROIC 2+ quest at level 50 with a healing companion.  These return about 60,000 credits per run.  These missions begin at your faction Base Camp on Ilum.  You can do the Ilum daily quests at level 50.  This is also a great place to farm credits by just killing mobs.

I recommend you do all the Ilum daily quests.

Best Daily Quest Hubs

The following are the best daily quest hubs.  They offer the best credit-per-minute return, and can usually be done in an exceptionally short amount of time.

Oricon Daily Quests

The Oricon daily quests take a little longer than i’d like, but the reward makes them worth it.  You can knock out all the quests, including the HEROIC 2+, in 35 minutes with two people.  The heroic only adds 5 minutes, so it’s worth doing.  You will make about 100,000 credits and 2268 reputation with Strike Team Oricon per run.  You will need to be level 55 to do the Oricon daily quests, as well as have completed the Oricon planet storyline quests.

I recommend you do all the Oricon daily quests.

CZ-198 Daily Quests

The CZ-198 daily quest hub is one of the best.  You can knock out the 4 daily quests in 10-15 minutes solo.  You will make about 42,000 credits per run, more with good drops.  You are also rewarded reputation items that increase your reputation with your faction’s reputation.  If you are only interested in money efficiency, skip the flashpoints and go do another daily area.  The flashpoints do offer level 53 gear which may help you gear up as a fresh 55.  Most of the drops are BoE, so you can sell them on the GTN.  You can get to these quests by using any travel terminal across the galaxy.  Anyone can do these daily quests starting at level 50, but they will be difficult until you reach 55.

  • Daily Quests:  40 – 50k, 10-12 minutes
  • Flashpoints: 19k, 22-24 minutes
  • Weekly Quest: 15,164 credits

I recommend you do all the CZ-198 daily quests.

Priority Transport Terminals get you to daily hubs in a heartbeat.

Corellia Daily Quests (Black Hole)

The Corellia Dailies in the Black Hole are my favorite ones.  They reward the most credits for time spent.  I can do all but the HEROIC 4 quest in 12-15 minutes at level 50.  That is running solo.  If you have a friend, you might be able to do it faster.  You will make about 75,000 credits per run if you skip the HEROIC 4.  The HEROIC 4 will add about 60,000 credits and take two players about 15 minutes.  That is a total of about 135,000 credits in less than 30 minutes.  You can get to these quests by using any travel terminal across the galaxy, or by using a shuttle outside the Corellia spaceport.  Anyone can do the Black Hole dailies on Corellia at level 50.

  • Daily Quests: 75k, 12-15 minutes
  • HEROIC 4: 60k, 15 minutes

I recommend you do all the Corellia Black Hole dailies, but skip the HEROIC 4.

Maximize Your Credit Income

As you can see above, I have found the best way to make credits with dailies is generally to skip the HEROIC/Flashpoint quests.  Not all daily quest hubs are created equal though, so your mileage may vary based on your playstyle preferences.  If you have any questions or suggestions for this guide, please leave them in the comments below.

What daily quests hubs do you like?  Do you have any tips for other players?

43 Responses

  1. Len says:

    You recommend skipping the Heroic+4 quest in Belsavis Section X. However this quest can be trivially completed by a Sith Assassin (and, presumably, a Jedi Shadow) by simply stealthing past all the mods, sneaking round the edge of the final chamber to the pier on the left and throwing the EMP grenade. This gives you the Heroic+4 reward and allows you to complete the Weekly quest.

  2. Tal'rindar says:

    Just started playing again with a friend, got to 70, forgot where all the money hubs were. This refreshed my memory, thanks! 🙂

  3. Rita says:

    Good very good, I tend to do the one you mentioned, makeb is indeed very boring and takes long, I’ve done them only because of the rep so far. Oricon are swell, thanks for the tips bcs I haven’t done ilum, corellia and cz yet but after I read this I will get around to it. Although I didn’t see mention rishi, what is your thought on those? I get confused because they seem to have them too spread around and I tend to skip them

    • Traitine says:

      I agree. The Rishi ones are pretty random. I should probably try them for purposes of timing them, but there are others that seem much more efficient.

  4. Barastir says:

    Any plans to add Ziost? I know its stale content by now but may be worth looking at. It’s SoR content so not sure if preferred have access.

    Of course, I could just do it and time it as I have with the others (out of curiosity).

    • Traitine says:

      So I actually am working on that. I have a Trooper at 60, ready to hit Ziost, but I don’t enjoy trooper. I got a little fussy with SWTOR when they killed GSF, and repeatedly refused to add any new PvP content. BUT! Just yesterday I started my Smuggler up again. I just finished the Blood Hunt part of the SoR questline. I just need to finish Yavin, and then i’ll be on to Ziost.

      I actually don’t think that any daily area is ‘stale’ content since all it’s used for is making credits. That never goes stale in any MMO!

      • ziost dailies are pretty easy and look like they’re decent moneymakers, plus the tokens you accumulate. yavin is a MUST DO! on top of the credits and comms, you get a FULL SET OF 192 GEAR FOR EACH OF YOUR COMPANIONS. the downside is that it’s crowded and some of the mobs you need to kill will be hard to find. there’s a lot of node snatching too (especially from the pub players, interestingly), so you have to be quick on the draw when you work there. nothing on yavin is particularly difficult but there are lots of elites and champions sprinkled in among the regular mobs, so pay attention to your surroundings when you start a fight, trouble could literally walk up right behind you. like makeb, there are lots of missions but the time is definitely worth it in every way.

  5. I am just curious, are these numbers still correct, or do they need to be updated at all. Just curious with updates if these numbers have changed at all. Thanks for the guide.

    • Traitine says:

      As far as I know, the numbers are the same. They shouldn’t change unless they do some kind of economy balance. They’ve been the same since launch.

  6. Paul says:

    Great guides!! Really cool, clear and straightforward. Keep it up, looking forward to a 3.0 Saboteur Smuggler guide =]

    • Traitine says:

      Much appreciated. I’m not sure about a 3.x Saboteur guide. SWTOR hasn’t had any new PvP content in over a year now, and they haven’t got any new PvP content planned either. I’m a die-hard PvPer, so i’m scared to devote more time to it.

  7. jimbojazz5 says:

    wow, great guides, thanks! I’m a preffered status and been playing for 2yrs, and this is really helpful for my new lvl50, my 48, and the two others i have around 20, really been scratching around with how best to proceed. (nice to see someone who isn’t a sub giving out great advice with alot of experience). haven’t done any pvp to speak of – never been much good at that style, but will do so after reading this

    • Traitine says:

      Thanks for the kind words! Good luck with PvP! It can be rough depending on your server. Sometimes one faction gets roflstomped. But it ebbs and flows, so stick with it until you at least have a full set of gear. That’s when you can best gauge how fun it is.

  8. Your numbers for Makeb are WAY off. If you do the GSI at the same time, you can easily pull 200-300k off Makeb every day, several Mesas have 2 quests you can do at the same time, and all mesas can be done in 5 minutes or less. Total time spent on Makeb is about what you would spend in any 2 or 3 other daily areas, true…but you will finish with more credits than if you had done all 3 of the other daily hubs.

    • Traitine says:

      I’m sure if you added GSI, all my numbers are way off. This guide is just for the hubs, not the extra things you can do while doing dailies (crew skill missions, crafting, etc). That is a good idea for another guide/post though, making the most efficient use of your time credit-wise. I still stand by my recommendation to avoid Makeb dailies, as well as GSI dailies. I’ve heard even less good things about GSI dailies. For some people it just clicks, so more power to those people! I’m good with Corellia & CZ myself.

      • i think makeb is an acquired taste for dailies, and if you know the “easy” way to do it, it’s pretty easy (i usually do it while i’m working). i had a guildie show me the ropes and it’s pretty quick, and several of the missions you’ll get through without a fight. do the weekly and gsi and you’ll easily pick up 300k. like you, i hated makeb until i found out how easy it is and how many creds and comms you come away with for very litte effort.

      • Traitine says:

        I have heard the occasional person rave about Makeb dailies. Maybe there really -is- a secret. Maybe you should write a guide!?! I’ll be glad to link to it, or maybe post it here if you like. People love some credit-making-guides.

      • ok…i had to come back after running makeb on my 3 lvl55’s (now lvl60), dailies and the weekly. basically re-learining how to play my Sorc, Merc and Sniper after being away from the game for about a year. makeb is probably the easiest money in the game if you have a decently geared toon. its also the only planet where doing the GSI dailies doesn’t require a lot of time on your speeder (like tatooine or hoth, or omg corellia). while technically this planet takes the longest to do dailies and the weekly, you have to take into account that you’re doing 20 missions (if you include the GSI dailies). GSI dailies are 48k, the “regular” makeb dailies are 63k (not counting heroics) and the weeklies add up to almost 115K (over 7 missions). add to that all the rep tokens that you cash in once you receive hero rank and this is the one planet you don’t want to miss if you have to do dailies on multiple toons. i’ll see what i can put together as far as a guide and if you have a toon on Jedi Covenant, you’re more than welcome to ride along as i do them. some of the dailies you literally don’t have to draw your weapon unless you really want to, and the GSI dailies and some of the weekly quests are on the same mesas as the “regular” dailies, so you end up doing 2 and 3 missions simultaneously.

      • Traitine says:

        A guide would be amazing! If I had a character on Jedi Covenant still, i’d be glad to join you. My trooper started there, but I transferred him off long ago.

      • Zack says:

        I also fair much better than your reporting on Makeb. Dailies+GSI+ cc from mobs and selling trash I generally pick up 120K + in less than 40mins. I find it to be one of the more profitable daily planets.

      • zedcrane says:

        FYI: both the macrobinoculars and the Seeker Droid are required for the GSI missions

        Ok I went ahead and did a summary of the Makeb/GSI daily for you. There are a lot of diff ways you can run this set. Personally, after picking up the Makeb dailies on the Orbital Station, I like to take the far shuttle down to the ‘Gravity Hook Crash Site’. The ‘Defensive Data’ daily is in this area and once finished I take the elevator up to the ‘Gravity Hook Loading Station’ and pick up the GSI dailies, then head over to the Shuttle. With the shuttle transpo window open all of the travel sites with active missions show green. I start with the ‘Civilian Settlements Shuttle’, from there I go to ‘Solida Husk’s Estate’, then keep doing mission going roughly clockwise around the travel map until I come back around to the Gravity hook and turn in all the missions.

        It generally takes me 40-45 minutes to complete the run though Ive done it in as little as 35 minutes when everything worked in my favor. I usually pull around 20K from mob drops and added to the 103K from missions and 7K from rep trophies I average about 130K. Then once a week add another 20K+ from the weekly and its 150K+.

        There are randomized spawns for some of the GSI stuff and its really best to have someone show you where everything is. I strongly suggest either getting someone from your guild to show you the run or just go to Makeb and ask on Gen Chat for someone to show it to you. If you’re on Harbringer or Ebon Hawk I’d be happy to show you myself.

        Makeb Dailies
        1. Defensive Data 7495 +basic and small rep trophy
        2. Losing Control – 8100 +basic and small rep trophy
        3. Non-routine Maintainance – 8100 +basic and small rep trophy
        4. Private Access – 7795 +basic and small rep trophy
        5. Probes of Perekta – 8100 +basic and small rep trophy
        6. Testing Integrety – 8100 +basic and small rep trophy
        7. The Backup Plan – 8410 +basic and small rep trophy
        8. To Even The Oddds – 7795 +basic and small rep trophy

        Total = 63895 + 4K in rep trophies if your already maxed
        GSI Dailies
        1.Volcanic Metals 8730 +basic and small rep trophy
        2.Qauke Engines 8730 +basic and small rep trophy
        3.Origons of the Makrin 8730 +basic and small rep trophy
        4. Heroic 2+ Gaurded Research 13620 +4 basic, small and med rep trophy

        Total = 39810 + 3K in rep trophies
        Dailies Total = 103705 + 7K in rep trophies

        GSI Weekly
        GSI Valued Partner Initiative 19642 =20 basic and large rep trophy worth 2.5K (I think)
        Complete 10 GSI dailies
        Total with Weekly 123347 + 9.5K worth of Rep trophies = 132847

        Kreagen or Sylest on Harbringer
        Coywolf or Mesiac on Ebon Hawk

      • Traitine says:

        WOW! That’s an incredible amount of research on your part. Thank you very much! I’ll whip it up into it’s own page and stamp it with your name for the credit. I do have a character on Ebon Hawk. Is that Republic? Or Empire?

      • zed…you’re missing a GSI daily, The Unbreakable Code, which is on Sanctuary Mesa. it’s another 8730 cred mission plus the basic comm and rep tropy. other than that your numbers look about right. i do the weekly on 3 toons and, along with the makeb and GSI dailies, they each farm about 400k with drops, loot and trophies. i’m working on some screen shots to show where some of the nodes/needed mobs are but it’s a lot easier to “ride along” with someone who’s familiar with where everything is. the fact that each mesa has a different terrain and different types of mobs makes a complete walkthrough of every mission a daunting task, both for the person putting it together and for the reader (i’m 3 pages in already).

        a couple quick tips before i call it a night are that you should avoid the heroics unless you can solo the 2+ ones (the GSI heroic is easily soloed in 168 gear), they’re not worth the extra time, effort and repair costs. i’ve been helping out on them just to familiarize myself enough to speak intelligently on them and they’re just too much trouble. the other thing is that the weekly is long and there’s no way getting around that, but the missions are 13k creds each (plus the 19k at the end), which sort of makes up for it. expect that if you’re going to do the dailies, GSI dailies and the weekly all at one time, it’ll take a couple hours, but you’re doing 21 missions (almost 3 planets), which works out to about 6 minutes per mission, and at about 300k total, it’s roughly 2500 creds/minute. lastly, this is the one planet you need to be doing the GSI dailies as they are super simple and you’re not spending a lot of time searching around for hidden nodes as they’re either highlighted on the map or in plain sight.

        Mekkesh, Mekken, Mekorro and a few others on Jedi Covenant

      • Traitine says:

        3 pages? That is AMAZING. I’ll hold off to see what you have then. That is an incredible amount of effort as well. I think it’s strange how it takes you all this time to write a guide, and then tons and tons of people -save- time by reading it. The amount of effort rarely gets recognized. I SALUTE YOU, SIR!

      • hahaha…so i googled “makeb dailies” to get some supplementary info for my guide and guess what i found? dulfy already has one at that actually includes all the makeb missions and screenshots she also has a guide for all of the GSI dailies at

        hers are a lot more concise than what mine was turning into, and she’s better at them than me, so why try to reinvent the wheel? you’ll see from her guide that many of the missions are very short and stupid simple. a level 55 in normal gear can run it solo with not much more effort than they would running black hole or section x. i’ll reiterate that doing the gsi dailies on makeb is light-years faster and easier than they are on any other planet, so it pays to do them, and there’s a gsi buff that you can get that heals your and boosts your stats too (great if you’re not that well geared).

        hope this helps those who want to find a new place to make creds. good luck!

      • Traitine says:

        So the only problem with the Dulfy guide is that the dailies are buried inside a playthrough of the entirety of Makeb. It’s not really a ‘problem’, but I personally wouldn’t want to dig through all that and pick out the dailies. The GSI ones are easier to find, but Makeb is still tossed in with the other planets.

  9. Halfdanr says:

    Perhaps it would be worth noting that some (or all I’m not sure) of the bonus missions on Section X give both credits and comms. Normally, I skip the bonus missions at 55 (includuing Oricon’s) because they don’t pay. However Section X’s bonuses do pay even if it’s not immediately apparent.

  10. Gravelstein says:

    wanted*, not waned

  11. Gravelstein says:

    Great guide! Helped a lot. However, concerning Belsavis…I’m wondering if it’s a misprint, or even though it’s listed under the *bad* dailies you actually *do* recommend doing the Belsavis dailies (in italics you have “I recommend you do all the Belsavis daily quests.” I just waned to make sure. Keep up the excellent guides. I’m enlightened by them. 🙂

  12. Darth_Crisis says:

    When did you track your numbers? I know they’ve changed over the years but I just recently done the numbers for my guild and they are completely different from yours. I am missing the weeklies and Makeb though….but for the rest i just don’t see the numbers your talking about. Im on shadowland server…dont know if that makes a difference.

    Section X Dailies Lv. 47
    [H4] Aurora Cannon: 6coms, 16147 credits
    Target Misfire: 2 coms, 9330 credits
    Data Raid: 2 coms, 7175 credits
    Hyperbiology: 1 coms, 7175 credits
    March of the Dread Guard: 2 coms, 7175 credits
    Research Cancellation: 2 coms, 12918 credits

    Total: 15 coms, 59830 credits

    Black Hole Lv. 50
    Control the Battlefield: 1com, 7175 credits
    Hypermatter directive: 1 com, 7175 credits
    No Trace Left: 1 com, 7175 credits
    Glow: 1 com, 7175 credits
    [H4]The end of Torvix: 3 coms, 16147 credits
    [Area] Asset Liquidation: 3 coms, 11196 credits

    Total: 10 coms, 56043 credits

    Ilum Lv. 50
    [H2] Poisonous Strategy: 3 coms, 12918 credits
    Defend the Shipment: 1 com, 10765 credits
    Operation shatterstorm: 1 com, 107a65 credits
    Rightful Owner: 1 com, 10765 credits
    Sabotage: 1 com, 10765 credits
    A Tightened grip: 1 com, 10765 credits

    Total: 8 coms, 66743 credits

    CZ Lv.50
    Staff Cuts – 2 coms, 8730 credits
    Droid Demolition – 2 coms, 8730 credits
    What’s yours is Mine – 2coms, 8730 credits
    Anti-Toxin Acquisition – 2 coms, 10476 credits

    Total: 8 coms, 36666 credits

    Oricon Lv. 55
    [Area] Oricon Decimation – 2 coms, 8730 credits
    Fallen Forces – 2 coms, 8730 credits
    False Paradise – 2 coms, 8730 credits
    Dread Engines – 2 coms, 8730 credits
    The Tower’s Core – 2coms, 8730 credits
    Watchtower watchers – 2coms, 6547 credits
    Power of Dread – 2 coms, 6547 credits
    [H2] Preemptive Strike – 5 coms, 13620 credits

    Total: 21 coms, 70,364 credits

    • Traitine says:

      I included the credits and vendor trash from looting. It’s all part of the reward for your time spent. Except for Oricon, the numbers don’t look that far off.

      • Darth_Crisis says:

        Didn’t take in account loot or trash. The numbers posted are the rewards from turning in each daily. Only the weeklies are not included simply because I had already done them after I thought about keeping track of the dailies. So none of them are estimates.

      • Traitine says:

        Thanks for taking the time to do that. Never know when that info might come in handy. I’ll add it to the guide.

  13. gwehner says:

    How about GSI dailies? I have avoided them for the most part as they seem very time consuming, but I don’t know what I don’t know. Are they profitable?

    • Traitine says:

      Absolutely not worth your time. You have to run around planets searching for pieces and parts. It is very time consuming. The real reward is the speeder you can get. I don’t consider GSI dailies the same as daily hubs. More like a WZ daily or FP daily.

    • as we’ve been commenting, gsi dailies can be worth it but be selective as to which ones you do. definitely do them on makeb as they’re super simple and don’t require a lot of hunting around. even the ones with nodes that move around have a predicable pattern to them and they’re in plain sight as opposed to having to search around for something buried. the heroics on tatooine and alderaan are close to the spaceport and can be soloed if decently geared, but other than that, i don’t recommend you do any other dailies on those planets and avoid hoth altogether.

  14. Enkay says:

    So Oricon planet is for both subs and preferred players. Cause someone told me it wasnt and I thought that was ridiculous since it is the only daily area to offer rep for dread executioners except the OPS themselves..

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