How To Get Free Stuff In SWTOR

Getting Free Stuff In Star Wars: The Old RepublicCartel-Coins

Getting free stuff in SWTOR is easier than you might think. The idea is for the game company to give you just a taste of what $5 or $10 or whatever the price point is, will get you.  In return, the company hopes you will buy more.  Being part of a single income family myself, I know every little bit helps.  If you don’t have a job, or aren’t old enough to get one yet, this is a golden opportunity. Below are completely safe and legitimate ways to get free stuff in SWTOR. For the purposes of this article, free stuff can mean two things. In game currency – free Cartel Coins, or free in-game items.  These strategies work for new, returning, and current players.

Updated 8/31/2015

Free Cartel Coins

In SWTOR, getting free Cartel Coins is easy.  Some you can get in game, some you can get out of game, and some you can just sit and have delivered.

Security Key

By hooking up a security key to your account, you will get free Cartel Coins every month. Your account will also be a lot safer from hackers.  Subscribers have a big advantage over free accounts when it comes to getting free Cartel Coins. Subscribers can download the free swtor security key app from Google Play or the App Store. You can use this app as a security key, even if you unsubscribe later.  Physical security keys are no longer available.

Achievements That Reward Cartel Coins

Certain Achievements also grant free Cartel Coins.  They don’t offer a lot each (20-30), but there are 880 Cartel Coins available from the following achievements:

  • Flashpoint Master: Complete all normal mode flashpoints.
  • Flashpoint Master (Hard Mode): Complete all hard mode flashpoints.
  • Ironed Out: Defeat all bosses in The Esseles flashpoint (Normal).
  • Taloned: Defeat all bosses in the Black Talon flashpoint (Normal).
  • Friendly: Social rank 1.
  • Coordinator: Social rank 3.
  • Guide: Social rank 5.
  • Champion: Valor rank 50.
  • Leaving Hutta: Finish all story missions for the Agent on Hutta.
  • Sponsorship: Finish all story missions for the Bounty Hunter on Hutta.
  • A Map for the Future: Finish all story missions for the Sith Inquistor on Korriban.
  • The Final Trial: Finish all story missions for the Sith Warrior on Korriban.
  • Chasing Skavak: Finish all story missions for the Smuggler on Ord Mantell.
  • New Assignment: Finish all story missions for the Trooper on Ord Mantell.
  • The Forge: Finish all story missions for the Jedi Consular on Tython.
  • Weapon of the Jedi: Finish all story missions for the Jedi Knight on Tython.
  • Chapter 1: Class: Completed chapter 1.
  • Chapter 2: Class: Completed chapter 2.
  • Chapter 3: Class: Completed chapter 3.
  • Warzone Neophyte: Play 10 Warzones.
  • Warzone Veteran: Play 50 Warzones.
  • Warzone Expert: Play 100 Warzones.
  • Fleet Admiral: Play 1000 GSF games.


The Refer-A-Friend program grants subscribers 600 free Cartel Coins if they refer a friend that later subscribes.  This does require you to be a subscriber, but there are no other catches.  More on the referral program below.

Promotional Giveaways

SWTOR has started giving away code links for its cantina tours.  The most recent code gets you a free, unique, mount, and an XP boost.  Previously you got a mount and a random cartel market item.  These codes are given away to players that attend the cantina.  These players give them to their friends, who can then give out their own codes.  They spread like wildfire, so you can easily get them for free.  I post all my links to my twitter account.

Other Free Stuff For SWTOR

The refer a friend program is a great way to get free stuff. To use a referral link, you have to create a new account, or be a returning subscriber.  By using a referral link, you get several rewards:

  1. 7 days of subscription time ($3.50 value)
  2. Unlocks for each character (900 Cartel Coin value)
  3. Free server transfer for a single character (1800 Cartel Coin value)

Referral links are easy to get, but only subscribers can give referral links.  The person giving you the referral link gets 600 Cartel Coins, so try finding a friend that is a subscriber.  You can also ask in-game through general chat, SWTOR forums, or look on places like Reddit. The SWTOR subreddit has regular threads with referral links. They are easy to find. You can use a new referral link every 90 days after your last day of subscription. Referral Link (Good Through 08/27/2017)

swtorofferReturning Player Offers

SWTOR commonly offers incentives to resubscribe. Just recently I got an offer for an extra 500 Cartel Coins (on top of the normal monthly stipend), a cool looking speeder, and a mini pet if I subscribed by a certain date.  There was also another offer for the space expansion at the same time, so I subscribed and got both sets of rewards. You can keep a check on the SWTOR website for offers like these, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.  I keep an eye out every day for stuff like this, and I will let you know when offers like these pop up.

Free Is For Me

Every method above is completely legitimate and safe.  They are offers directly from SWTOR, and not a third party.  I do not advocate trying to get free Cartel Coins from third party sites, as they likely just want to steal your login info.  I’ll update this page if I find more ways to get free stuff.  You update the comments if you find more ways to get free stuff.

Feel like adding something?

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  1. Thank you for the new Cantina code! ( NYCANTINA19 can be entered at )

    Also new free stuff: Claim Your Free Mini-pet to Celebrate Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Launch
    RE-1 will be granted for free to any player that logs into Star Wars: The Old Republic from 6AM Pacific, Thursday, November 14th – 12:01 AM Pacific Tuesday, December 10th

    So just log in and you receive it via ingame mail for all charaters.

    My referral code giving free stuff until 2020.02.24 is:


  2. Wow ! The new expansion Onslaught has been announced coming from september, new storyline, 2 new planets, New playable race: Nautolian! New flashpoint and operation, new level cap, etc. etc. etc.
    Way more customization so similar specced characters can be completly different tweaks “tactical items”, easier legacy item move, etc. etc.

    Also new codes!

    I resubbed until 2019.08.25.
    my referral code giving free stuff is:

    Also new code:

    also codes

    should still work, you can enter them here:


    • I’m an idiot mixed SWTOR with WoW… yeeezzz… Sorry while I’m indeed saving the Alliance here as an SWTOR fan i wanted to write:

      I’m exited for the roadmap they gave us, can’t wait to see the new stuffs like ancient Jedi places…. 🙂
      The rest is ok, i did resubbed until 2019.02.01,
      feel free to use my referral code for the free gifts:

      Sorry for my mistake ! 🙂
      May the force be with us.

  3. (NYCANTINA17) and (CelebrationCantina16) Didn’t seem to work for me. (NYCantina16) and (SWCELEBRATION17) still seems to work as of 06/15/2018.

  4. Hi !

    Long time been here, just to notify you I have resubbed until 2018.11.01,
    feel free to use my referral code for the free gifts:

    unfortunatelly SWTORSHARETHELOVE promo ended, but you can still try earlier codes:

    you can enter them here (one at a time):

    (Once entered next time you log in it unlocks the event mount/pet for all your current and future characters)

    If your are using them now please leave feedback if they worked for you, or not anymore. (I already unlocked them all).

    Cheers !

  5. Merry Christmas everyone !

    Don’t forget to use the following codes
    and also
    they work like the former
    you can enter them here:

    (Once entered next time you login it unlocks the event mounts/pet for all your current and future characters)

    If your are using them now please leave feedback if they worked for you, or not anymore.

    Cheers !
    Referral code until 2018.03.31. is:

  6. This page helped me to start a new account and rekindle my interest in the game which I had lost few years back, thanx to all the continuous buy-to-win. For helping me out, thank you.

    Another fresh refferral for who might be interested (returners, f.e., but everyone is welcome):


    Valid until Saturday, June 3th 2017, noon Central EU time.

    • Hello guys!!! What’s up? !!

      I am Quirage, a part of the Tomb of Freedon Nadd alliance, on the Tomb of Freedon Nadd server.
      Any returning player there can consult me there, at Quirage on imperial side, so he can join our hundreds of people wide guild alliance, meant to rekindle the spirit of the server and make it more fun to play there than what it would be alone.I’ll give this link to anyone who wants to use it, my subscription ends on 14/05/2017, will be updated 🙂


  7. Hello everyone !

    Great article, and firendly readers.
    All was ok for mee to.

    Not sure if it’s banned now (no indication in the article), if not
    please let me share my referral link too,
    i subbed until 2017.09.31.,
    my referral link is:

    If not allowed any more please delete that part,
    thanks ! 🙂

    May the force guide you all

  8. Hello there,

    i randomly found this site while i decided to return to swtor after a long time.
    I used a referal link from here and it worked.
    Thank you.
    I ll add Links from me too, but i get a failure message if i click on send a referal :,,An unknown error has been detected”.
    Will try it later again.
    In each case great side !.

  9. Thanks to everyone who used my referral previously, I have renewed my subscription for another 2 months and it is good until January 4, 2017. My referral: [LINK EXPIRED]

    You can find me nowdays on The Red Eclipse server, imperial side. I hope i see you’ll there and i have a guild called Blightcaller if you like to join, we have the 10% xp/rep and also a guild flagship with all the utilities that you need. Oh and new members get a free mount (+100k starter credits if you came from this site) My characters: Neyseya, Sayaney, Fibonachi, Kaliena-heals, Kaliena-mara

  10. Nice post,helpful to a lot of new players and returning as well!:)
    This is my Referral Code Link [LINK EXPIRED]
    I am currently subbed until November 12 or 15,around that date:)
    I’d appreciate it a ton if you used it,gives you 7 days of free subscription time and other nice goodies you could utilise. I am Quirage, Imperial Tomb Of Freedon Nadd. Cheers,and have a great time!

  11. Thanks for the tipps, they helped a lot.
    My link [LINK EXPIRED]
    I am subscriber until November 14 2016. Thanks to all who use it 🙂

  12. Hello! Thanks for this great article! As a returner to the the game after a long break I made use of your referral
    link to check things out.

  13. My referral link, good till November 4, 2016


    Thanks all who use it and you can find me in EU: Tomb of freedon nadd. Be sure to invite me for ops 🙂

    Neyseya – Assassin dps
    Kaliena – Agent dps
    Kaliena-heals – Sorc Healer

    Nyeseya – Smuggler healer
    Dha One – Knight dps

    Thanks: Gabor, Hungary for your link, gave me 7 days sub and i hope you enjoy your free cartel coins 🙂
    and thanks to the author of this post aswell !

  14. Here is my referral Link :
    [Link Expired]
    I’ll be subbed untill at least April 16, 2016 (prepaid card), but probably untill end of August !

    Big thanks to anyone who is going to use this link 🙂

  15. Thanks for your referral link. It worked. I used it on the 19th of January and I got a free 7 day subscription status and some unlocks added to my preferred account right away. After that I set up a monthly subscription on my account so technically I resubbed after 2 years. I hope you’ll get your reward. I guess you’ll receive it after my free 7 day sub expires and my credit card gets charged on the 26th.

    SWTOR’s website and how the referral links work is so confusing though. It’s a shame that there is so little information available about this useful service that rewards existing and new customers alike. Actually I had to edit my old payment information to finally see a pop-up page that told me about my rewards for successfully using a referral link. Then I decided to select a subscription plan and resubbed the game. Setting up my subscription plan wasn’t required to get my rewards though. It was just updating my payment data and I got into a 7 day sub status right away with a notification page. It worked but it was so confusing that the site just let me log in with no further indication about successful/failed referral. Clear instructions and the list of rewards should be on each referral page or even linked on top page and not hidden somewhere in the system nor on outdated forum posts. In all my despair I even tried to browse the forums as a new player but there was so much information scattered among too many topics that I got lost immediately. I guess it wasn’t just me who got confused and frustrated while trying to use their website. Regardless I decided to sub because I was already having fun as a preferred/f2p player and I got pretty much convinced that the game is worth at least some months of subription for me. Thanks again.

    And of course I’m really thankful for this post that gave me so much infos I couldn’t find on the official page. 🙂

    • Glad you got the rewards! And thanks for the kind words about this post! I might be resubbing too soon, depending on how my stream goes this Sunday. There are just so many awesome games out now. Hard to give enough time to all of them!

    • I received mi rewards too, the speeder first and then 500 cartel coins. Happy to see that’s working, and thank you for choose me 🙂

  16. Sorry for the maybe stupid question, but I just wanted to be sure.

    From the thread I understand, that we can buy subscription (and get the current expansion whatsoever) but when we end the subscription, we keep the expansions??? Is that correct? Or are the expansions active only on active subscription?

    I just want to make sure, because if we can sub and get the expansion and it stays even after we end it (what makes us then a preferred status player not f2p), that is great news for me!

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    • That is correct! I think it’s great too, it’s exactly what I do! Buy a sub for the new content, then revert to Preferred until there is new content. It’s a great system!

  17. Hello,thanks for the info,I just strted playing a month ago a very great game so far!
    I ended up subscribing,because it is really worth it. 🙂
    If you want to friend me in game, you find me on The Ebon Hawk Server!
    Also here is my referal link [Link expired] any help would be appreciated.^^

  18. I remember visiting this site over a year ago! 🙂 Good to see this article is still in Google’s top searches – I myself learnt a lot from it. My Friends of SWTOR link is [Link Expired] , vaild through January 2016.

    • I upped my subscription till mid-July 2016, (and the system tells me it prolongs automantically, so the link will be available afterwards. 🙂

      One piece of advice: if you don’t like the server you’re currently in and want to save Cartel Coins, a referral link provides you with free transfer between the servers. It also means that you keep your legacy bonuses, achievements, travel bonuses, decorations (though you’ll have to redecorate). I liked it very much on the Red Eclipse server, but the transfer allowed me to start a legacy and enjoy the benefits on the role-playing Progenitor server, too, and it was like playing the game all over again – very enjoyable.

      • And my link is still available till mid-January 2017, and will be available later. ) Speaking of subscription, another tip: subscribe for 6 months, if you can. Not only it will be cheaper, but you’ll be getting 600cc every month instead of 500!

  19. I used your referral link, returning player from 2012, little ones that got me to stop PC gaming are now aged 4 and 6, one at school and other just turned 4 so a milestone to decide to unpack the gaming PC… Hope I find time to play (lots) haha, hope you earn points or whatever, being an Aussie I transferred to Harbringer.. Enjoy

    • Welcome back to gaming! Congratulations on the family, hopefully they’ll all want to play too as they get older. You’ll have your own group! Also, the links here aren’t mine. I use other people’s links. I’ve gotten plenty of CC in the past, so I’m glad to share. Enjoy SWTOR!

  20. Anyone can use my referral 😀 I would be very glad if someone use it ’cause I would get the Preferred Status Pack (you get it when someone uses your link for the first time). If you want I can help you lvl up, I’m Imp in server “The Bastion”, just reply to this comment and I’ll send you my in-game name.
    [Link expired]
    Link works until 4th August.

  21. Sucks I just started as a F2P and my sons a subscriber…I set up my account then read about this-He sent the refer a friend link but didnt take because I already had an account

    • Thanks for the info. I’m strongly considering becoming a member myself after playing the past couple days.

      • Subscribing really shines when you get into leveling multiple characters. Once you get a character to max level, that’s when I’d consider dropping the sub. You can always resub anytime there’s content coming that you’re interested in.

        If you’re just sticking to one character, I’d wait to sub until level 20. That’s when normal xp cuts off for f2p.

      • Your full of great info. I didnt know about the leveling. So the leveling decreases with F2P after 20?

      • that’s not true, subscription is a must at maximum lvl because of the restriction to the amount of Ops ,pvp and flashpoints you can do in a week.
        unless you farm weekly to get credits to buy unlocks which is hassle

      • I play SWTOR without subscription at max level. I’ve only subscribed for maybe 6 months out of the last 3 years? That was just for expansions. Several of my friends went the F2P route as well. Might not be for you, but it works for a lot of people.

  22. I might be doing something wrong, but don’t you need to either be a subscriber before hand or not have an account yet to accept the referal?

  23. Got your referral link , created a account , and then started to play … no 7 days sub , just simple free to play … And I don’t understand “2.Unlocks for each character (900 Cartel Coin value)” what is this implying ?

  24. so exept achivements there are not rally free stuff cause u MUST sub to get something… and this means free?

    • Using a referral link gets you free stuff without subscribing. You can also equip the app during your referral, and get free coins without subscribing. And, as you mentioned, achievements get you free stuff without subscribing.

    • That’s true, but as a non-subscriber you have to be happy that you get SOME cartel coins for FREE. I want to be a subscriber, but I live in the Netherlands where we pay with euro’s.
      So… yeah…
      I don’t know how I gotta do that.

      • That’s true. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, just confused. There is almost nothing you can do with 20 Cartel Coins. I don’t’ see how it’s an incentive, but SWTOR’s marketing has always confused me. But yes, free is free, you’re 100% right!