Star Wars: The Old Republic Guides


Free Account Guides

  1. Free to Play Player’s Guide to Star Wars: The Old Republic
  2. Free Account Transition Guide (Returning or unsubbing players)
  3. Dealing With Free To Play Restrictions
  4. Account Unlock Guide

Content Guides

  1. Galactic Starfighter Guides
  2. Galactic Stronghold Start Guide

Show Me The Money Guides

  1. Credit Farming without Daily Hubs
  2. Making Money With The GTN
  3. Daily Quest Hub Guide

Event Guides

  1. Bounty Contract Week Guide
  2. Tauntaun mount Guide

Day to Day in SWTOR

  1. What to do at Level 70
  2. Color Crystal Blaster Fire Gallery
  3. Guide to Warzones and PvP
  4. Warzone Tips and Strategies

Other SWTOR Guides

  1. How to Power Level in SWTOR
  2. Free Virtual items and Cartel Coins
  3. Class Companions And Crew Skills Guide