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is star conflict good 2

Reviewing Star Conflict

Starfighter Scale Space Combat If you’ve ever played Star Wars: The Old Republic, you’ve at least heard of Galactic Starfighter. Well Star Conflict is everything Galactic Starfighter could have been. SWTOR could have done...

fractured space paladin 0

Fractured Space Review

Part MOBA, Part Vehicle Action Game Fractured Space follows the World of Tanks framework, then blends in a little bit of MOBA. There’s a good amount of tactical and strategic thinking required for this game....

How Do You Like To Pay For Games? 1

How Do You Like To Pay For Games?

My Thoughts On Monetizing Games I’ve had several discussions about monetization lately. The Dreadnought DLC fiasco, DOOM and Total War: Warhammer releasing their first paid DLC, and most recently Evolve converting to F2P. Money fuels the game world....