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Reviewing Star Conflict

Starfighter Scale Space Combat If you’ve ever played Star Wars: The Old Republic, you’ve at least heard of Galactic Starfighter. Well Star Conflict is everything Galactic Starfighter could have been. SWTOR could have done...


Fractured Space Review

Part MOBA, Part Vehicle Action Game Fractured Space follows the World of Tanks framework, then blends in a little bit of MOBA. There’s a good amount of tactical and strategic thinking required for this game....

How Do You Like To Pay For Games? 1

How Do You Like To Pay For Games?

My Thoughts On Monetizing Games I’ve had several discussions about monetization lately. The Dreadnought DLC fiasco, DOOM and Total War: Warhammer releasing their first paid DLC, and most recently Evolve converting to F2P. Money fuels the game world....