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Monthly Gaming Update 2017.6

Current Game Plan September is going to be a big month. In addition to multiple video games, I’ve also pre-ordered a booster box of the Magic the Gathering Ixalan expansion. Because dinosaurs. In addition...

Banned From World of Warcraft 0

Recent Bans For Account Sharing

Blizzard Reminds Us Rules Apply to Everyone In case you hadn’t heard, a couple of popular World of Warcraft streamers had their accounts banned recently.  Reckful and Sodah were banned for account sharing.  They...

Tarren Mill Versus Southshore 2

My Tarren Mill Terror Title

My First Experience With The Tarren Mill Versus Southshore Battleground Gotta say, I’m not a fan.  The battleground design is very reminiscent of a world PvP battle.  Like Alterac Valley, each team has a...