What I Don’t Miss In SWTOR Since Playing World of Warcraft

wow better than swtor

I’ve spent some time in World of Warcraft now.  I feel like I have a good handle on the game again.  It’s not a perfect game by any means.  You can read about what SWTOR does better here.  Not perfect doesn’t mean bad though.  What follows are the highlights of the big differences I noticed.  Differences that I will never miss from SWTOR.

Functioning Print Screen Key

What a colossal embarrassment.  I want to use more colorful language to describe it, but i’m sure you can figure it out.  Over $300 million dollars spent to make a game, and you can’t take a screenshot.  For a company that prides itself on story, you’d think capturing them somehow would be a priority.  I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was capturing an epic moment in SWTOR, only to find out later I missed the moment forever.

Input Lag

It’s like hearing a record skip repeatedly.  You’re on a mount, just cruising through, and SWTOR’s craptastic game engine seizes up your computer.  Throw a few sparkles at the screen, and your computer will think it’s the end of days.  I can understand a little bit of a graphical hiccup when you have tons and tons of character models and effects going on.  Even Guild Wars 2 has some issues in World vs World at times.  SWTOR is the absolute worst I have experienced though, and is in a class all it’s own.  Warcraft is a refreshing change.


If you didn’t know I liked Worgen, then you’ve just found this website for the first time.  It’s not just the Worgen specifically that I like.  World of Warcraft has it’s own stylized look.  It’s something you appreciate more if you’ve followed it from Orcs and Humans I guess.  You appreciate the subtle changes, but you can still see the game’s origins reflected in the visuals.

PvP Appreciation

Warcraft has such an advanced PvP ecosystem.  ALL THOSE DIFFERENT BATTLEGROUNDS!  And all nearly instant queues.  It’s awesome to have so much variety at a moments notice. The ability to avoid getting the ones you hate the most is icing on the cake.  Not to mention the availability of world PvP.  Blizzard doesn’t treat PvPers like second class citizens.  As a PvPer, you don’t get ignored for a year at the time in WoW.  The difference is night and day.  SWTOR has a lot to learn from WoW about how to treat PvPers.

Quest Variety

All the quests aren’t just about killing.  Some quests you sit back and watch, some quests you jump into a vehicle and drop bombs, other quests let you send in remote control bombs.  Some have cinematics, or let you see the story from another perspective.  The amount of variety is staggering.  While I do like SWTOR’s questing system better overall, WoW has ’em beat for variety.

Quality Directions

It’s nice to be able to look at a map, and know exactly how to get where you’re going.  No getting almost there, only to find there’s an impassable wall.  Then you have to travel halfway back across the zone to get around it and back on track.  Navigation is simple and straightforward.  No spending 5 minutes traveling, only to spend another 5 traveling back, and still more getting to where you wanted to go.  SWTOR has the worst maps of any game I have played.

Newer Isn’t Always Better

Overall, I find World of Warcraft a more refined, better quality game.  That shouldn’t be too big of a surprise, it has 7 more years of development on Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Things like the stylized visuals will always be a preference, and I don’t hold that against SWTOR.  Still, there are some really basic things that SWTOR could do so much better.  Quality of life features (print screen key!) to core game development (PvP systems).  And with 7 years of forewarning, SWTOR should have seen some of these things coming from a mile away.  Is Warcraft worth $15 a month?  For a couple of months at least, yes.  As you can see, I’m not really saving a whole lot of money anyway

What do you think WoW does better than any other MMORPG?

Recent Bans For Account Sharing

Banned From World of Warcraft

Blizzard Reminds Us Rules Apply to Everyone

In case you hadn’t heard, a couple of popular World of Warcraft streamers had their accounts banned recently.  Reckful and Sodah were banned for account sharing.  They were both using someone else’s account.  Reckful was using a viewer’s account live on a stream, with thousands of people watching!  That’s pretty much doing this:

I mean, come on, really?  Breaking the rules publicly, and then expecting no repercussions?  It truly amazes me how much people expect special treatment because of who they are, or who they know.  It’s a genuine surprise to them when someone explains they should expect to suffer any consequences for knowingly breaking the rules.  WTF???  When you hit ‘I agree’ to those Terms of Service, you are officially in Blizzard’s world.  They can ban you for looking at them funny.  Heck, they can ban you for logging in.  It’s their world.

I’ll also add this old forum thread I found, specifically about Reckful and account sharing.  So not only was this not a one time thing, but it has been going on for a long time.  The reaction was mixed back then.  A more recent Reddit thread about it was refreshingly supportive of the ban overall.  Be sure to check out the video linked to the Reddit thread too.  It has some WoW arena ‘celebrities’ advocating account sharing.

I’d also like to share this particularly insightful comment from Reddit.  I don’t know how it got downvoted, because this perfectly sums up the entire affair.  There is some colorful language, but you can click the image if you want to see it in all it’s unheralded glory.


Account Ban Aftermath

And so, Reckful and Sodah are handling this more poorly than could be fathomed.  They posted a picture on twitter of them celebrating their ban with ice cream sundaes.  Next they started crying to Blizzard customer service about it.  Blizzard actually responded with more information than I think Reckful expected.  It’s all  kind of pathetic, really.  If you want your account back, posting pictures of yourself celebrating, and then trying to call out Blizzard on twitter, are not the first two steps you should take.  But, there’s always one guarantee where the ban hammer is involved.  This time is no different.