Tauntaun Mount Guide

Star Wars: The Old Republic Tauntaun Mount Guide

There is a new Tauntaun mount in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  This new tauntaun mount comes in two colors, one for premium and one for free to play.    The premium tauntaun mount is black, and the free to play one is tan colored.  You can get a tauntaun mount several different ways. You can buy it outright for 2,000,000 credits (1,500,000 for subscribers), or do missions.  The tauntaun mounts bind to Legacy, so you can use any or all of your characters to get the tauntaun, and then mail it to any character you want.  These tauntaun mounts can be used anywhere, not just on Hoth.  Read through my tauntaun mount guide for the details if you’re interested.

Start The Tauntaun Mount Search

If you want a tauntaun mount, you have to go to the planet Hoth.  There are two tauntaun handler vendors, one for subscribers and one for free to play accounts.  Both of these tauntaun handler vendors are located by the exits of the main bases for each faction,  Aurek base for Republic and Dorn base for Sith.

Tauntaun mount guide

If you just want to pay credits for your tauntaun mount, you just need to buy 20 of the Tauntaun Domestication Data items for the free to play tauntaun mount at 100,000 credits each.  The premium tauntaun mount only requires 15 Tauntaun Domestication Data.   Again, that’s a total of 2,000,000 credits for free to play accounts and 1,500,000 for premium.

You can also do quests for the Tauntaun Domestication Data for your tauntaun mount.  If you want to do these quests, buy at least 18 of the Tauntaun Lure items.  There are six nests scattered across Hoth, and three tauntauns to feed at each nest.  You will likely need ~126 total, as I found the average to be one drop per two nests.  Both the Tauntaun Domestication Data and Tauntaun Lure items are tradable among characters.  You could sell the Tauntaun Domestication Data on the Galactic Trade Network too if you wanted.  Once you have what you need, it’s time to set out across the frigid plains of Hoth to claim your tauntaun mount.

Tauntaun mount guide

Tauntaun Mount Nests Map For Hoth

You have to find nests of baby tauntauns and feed them.  Feeding them has a chance of summoning a tauntaun mother, which you have to defend from a wampa attack.  These tauntaun mount missions do not grant XP, but you do get XP from killing the Wampas.  The missions scale with your level, so if you can survive on Hoth, you can do the quests to get the tauntaun mount.  Successfully defending the mother tauntaun will award you a Tauntaun domestication Data token.  Players with Bio Analysis can scavenge the Wampa corpses to get Grade 9 materials at level 55.  The respawn on the baby tauntauns is random.  I literally had 2 of the baby tauntauns refresh within seconds while I was feeding a third tauntaun.  I’ve heard as long as an hour.



Tauntaun Mount Success

It’s that easy.  It’s more of a time sink than anything.  There will be lots of players from both factions going for these tauntaun mounts, so bring your PvP gear if you are on a PvP server.  The wampas can be killed solo, so you don’t have to be in a group either.

I’d like to know if you keep your mount if you drop your subscription.  If you find out, leave me a note in the comments below.  You can also leave your average number of Tauntaun Domestication Data per run as well.  I’m having really bad luck compared to my friends.

Update: I’ve subbed for Galactic Starfighter, and picked up the subscriber mount.  I’ll report back on what happens when I go back to preferred status.  Also, my average Domestication Data this time was 1 every 2 nests.  The first go round it was 1 every 3 nests.


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  1. yes you keep you mount if you drop subscription. I lost internet for well over a year and couldn’t pay or play. when I was finally able to play again (this time for free), I still had it

  2. 12/16/16 Imp Operative Medic = 5 Domestication Data out of 32 Tuantaun Lures, which seems to correspond to 1/3 nests.

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