Scipio Africanus Cavalry Guide for Total War Arena


The Roman Cavalry Commander

You can play Scipio Africanus two ways; Cavalry and/or Infantry. In this guide, i’m going to cover the Cavalry side.  Generally speaking, Roman Cavalry hit hard, and have moderate staying power. I generally take three Cavalry units.  Taking two Cavalry units and one Infantry unit is also an option. You want to keep your Commander unit alive at all costs, so whatever unit you want to hang back, make that your Commander unit. Otherwise you can move forward with one unit at a time, or two units if your micro-management skills are up to the task. Keep your rear unit somewhere well protected so it doesn’t get found by enemy Cavalry too soon.

General Playstyle

Wiping out ranged units and flanking for friends are your primary duties. If you have Medium Cavalry you can do some scouting. Flanking and skirmisher hunting are going to be the lion’s share of what you’re doing.

Engaging the Enemy

Overall, Wrath of Mars is your key ability. Your charges are devastating. Artillery and Skirmishers won’t matter, charge ’em how you can get ’em. Otherwise, always try to charge from behind a unit with Wrath of Mars. Your follow up is Warcry, it lowers enemy defense and morale. As soon as your charge hits, use Warcry. If you’re good enough, you can actually cast Warcry before you charge. You’ll have to learn it’s range, but it’ll help you do a little more damage. Oath of Perseverance is your last ditch effort option. Save it for a situation where you don’t have a way out. For example, if you charge into a flank, and then all of a sudden enemy units swarm around you so fast there’s no way you’ll escape, it’s time to pop Oath of Perseverance and maximize your points.

In the video below, I tie all of the above tactics together. I get a massive score boost from a single charge, then use Oath to maximize points.


Here’s your order of things to go after first:

  1. Artillery
  2. Skirmishers
  3. Cavalry
  4. Flanking*
  5. Scouting
  6. Targets of Opportunity**

*Sometimes flanking is your top priority.  When an ally will die if you don’t flank, then it’s your top priority. **Charging anything from behind, when it is alone, is always good if you can get away.

Things To Watch Out For

  • Your biggest threat is infantry, specifically spears.  Spears are the anti-cav.
  • Stay out of forests. Even Light and Medium cav get debuffs just for being Cavalry.
  • Currently there are pathing and charging bugs. Your unit may not go exactly where you think it should go. Nothing you can do about it, just be aware.
  • Oath of Perseverance is bugged. Just because the enemy unit dies, doesn’t mean you will get control back. Sometimes it just takes a few seconds, other times you’ll never get it back.  Again, just be aware.
  • Heavy Cavalry is not ideal for scouting. You move very slowly, and can easily be caught by some Light Infantry units. Once you’re in, you’re all in.

Scipio Africanus The Cavalry Support Role

Scipio Africanus plays more of a support role than Alexander the Great. It’s your job to go crashing in after your allies have engaged the enemy. It’s your job to take out those pesky ranged units that pick off your allies from beyond their vision. Scipio Africanus is slower than the other Cavalry options, and his abilities are not as useful offensively. Just a little bit of patience will go a long way. If you want more tips on how to play Scipio with cavalry, watch the video below. I score over 6800 points.