Suggestions For New Total War Arena Players

Getting Started In Total War Arena

As with any game, there are a lot of common questions new players have about Total War Arena. Below are some things I see new players ask about frequently. These tips will help you pick up the game faster, and avoid some costly mistakes.

alexander the great total war arenaKeep Things Simple

I’d strongly suggest that to start out, you start using all 3 of the same unit. I specifically recommend taking infantry. Trying to micro-manage Infantry, Ranged, and/or Cavalry all at once, while learning a new game, is going to take its toll. Play a couple games with all Infantry, then start to try different combinations.

Never Take Three Ranged Units

Please, if you like winning, do not take three ranged units. Taking three ranged units leaves you incredibly vulnerable. One charge from a single enemy unit will devastate all three of your units. You should always have one unit to defend yourself with, preferably Spears. Spears are the natural enemies of Cavalry, and Cavalry is the natural enemy of ranged.

Be Careful Grouping with Friends

High tier friends will drag you into high tier games. The best option is to have your friend use the same level units as yours, or lower. The matchmaking queue uses the highest tier unit to create teams. So if you are Tier 1, and your friend uses Tier 2, you could get into a Tier 4 game. It could go even higher in off-peak times! Removing units completely refunds the silver, so it costs your friend nothing to play units in your range.

Save Your Commander XP

commander experience total war arenaCommander XP is a very precious resource. It is the blue bar you see in the top right corner of your lobby screen, and the blue XP after each game. You should use your Commander XP on your Commander in most cases. Also, don’t level your commander beyond the highest level of units you can equip. The matchmaking system will try to put you in a higher tier queue if you do.

It’ll All Be Over Quickly

Tiers I – III will go by really quickly.  Don’t worry about premium time, gold, or anything else until you hit Tier IV. Games last 15 minutes or less. I’ve actually had one last less than 5 minutes! Just get in there, get some experience with the game, and then come back. You’ll have even more questions, and I’ll have the guides to answer them!