Total Soldier : Infantry

Infantry Unit Types In Total War Arena

In Total War: Arena, units are broken up into three different types. Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each unit has it’s own role to fulfill in battle. Each type also means different things for different units. Heavy Infantry doesn’t exactly translate into Heavy Cavalry, for example. So i’m going to go over each unit type individually. Today we’ll cover INFANTRY.

Guide To Infantry Unit Types

Infantry isn’t just infantry. What type you take has a HUGE impact on what you’ll want to do in game. Once you know what to look for, the decision making is pretty simple.

Light Infantry

light infantry total war arenaLight Infantry is designated by the single chevron in it’s name plate. You will find Light Infantry predominantly in the early levels of all factions, and throughout the entire Barbarian faction line. Light doesn’t mean weakest, per se. There are plenty of occasions where you want to be Light Infantry.

Light infantry is the fastest infantry.  You can do a little scouting for your ranged and artillery, as well as chase down some Heavy Cavalry. This also allows you to be able to quickly get behind enemy units for flanking bonuses.  You can run down escaping skirmishers (ranged), or away from your natural enemies (medium and heavy infantry). That is, until you leave the pavement.  In the forests, Light Infantry is king! You will destroy medium and heavy infantry in the forests due to terrain advantages.

Medium Infantry

militia hoplites total war arenaMedium infantry is designated by two marks. This is generally going to act in a Heavy Infantry role in early tiers.  Later it fulfills more of a light infantry role. You retain the advantage over Heavy Infantry in forests, but you still want to avoid Light Infantry in the forests.

Medium infantry has medium speed, outrunning only Heavy Infantry. Medium Infantry has a very ‘jack of all trades’ feel.Medium speed also makes you more vulnerable to skirmishers, but you should be able to give enough chase to keep them from kiting you.

Heavy Infantry

hoplites total war arenaHeavy Infantry is designated by three marks. Heavy Infantry are unrivaled on the open battlefield! Even cavalry must be careful charging Heavy Infantry. They are the building blocks of your team strategy. Heavy Infantry goes in, and all support units react to their position. Heavy Infantry is the team captain, so to speak.

Still, they are the slowest unit type.  They can be outrun by both other infantry types. They are easily kited by skirmishers and Ranged Cavalry, and make good targets for Artillery.

Infantry For Every Occasion

Infantry units are your main force in Total War Arena battles. Infantry units are how your team takes and holds towers, providing valuable vision to your team. All three Infantry types have their place, none are obsolete. Different maps will greatly determine which Infantry units excel, and which should hold back and support. Each faction has different types of infantry at different levels, so do a little research in the Army Tree once you’ve decided which type you like best.