Newest 55 To The SWTOR Family

Leveling My Trooper Vanguard To 55

I started a trooper over the last (long) double XP weekend in November, 2013.  It was a new server, so I had no Legacy bonuses.  I did have a few convenience unlocks from the Cartel Market, as well as all the account unlocks credits can buy from the GTN.  So it was like new, just not brand new.  You can see my original post on it here.  I finally got that Trooper to 55 this past week.

My Leveling Experience

I really enjoyed leveling my Vanguard trooper.  I went with the tank role because it’s a role I traditionally enjoy in MMOs.  SWTOR is also the first MMO I have enjoyed a ranged class since Star Wars Galaxies.  I primarily leveled through Warzones and Galactic Starfighter, so there was a decent amount of time idling in queues.  I often forgot to use my various XP boosts, but all’s well that ends well.  I tried to keep up with the trooper class quest, but I found it pretty uninteresting.  Not to say it was bad, I was just happier PvPing than following the story.  I’m not too far behind.  I stopped just after finishing Belsavis.  I liked the Jedi Knight and Smuggler stories much better.

I made lots and lots of credits with the GTN along the way.  I had over a million at one point, but decided to spend it all when I dropped my subscription.  After dropping my subscription, I was still able to buy anything I wanted.  Level 55 brings Augments and Augmentation kits, so that will be my next fiscal challenge.  Daily hubs and PvP are my friends.

The big question is how long it took, right?  Well…

A total of 179 in game hours.  It was actually a little less.  I forgot to take a screenshot right away.  That’s not as efficient as it could have been.  Straight questing would have been faster, but I have more fun leveling through PvP.

PvP on Jedi Covenant

The 10-29 bracket in Warzones was really fun.  The 30-54 bracket in Warzones seems to be dominated by the Sith, but was still fun.  Most importantly, the Republic still reigns supreme in GSF space warfare!  I’ll report back on the 55s Warzones, although i’ve heard Sith side dominates the server.  I’ll report back, so stay tuned.

Final Thoughts

I plan to grind out a set of basic warzone gear next.  Maybe finish out my Pike since it’s almost done.  I have no plans beyond that.  I’ve got a few other projects i’m trying to finish up, and a few new ones i’m toying with.  There’s another double XP weekend coming up in March 2014.  If you’re looking to start something new, Jedi Covenant is a great, active server on the Republic side.

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