Official Rules for UEBS Stream Battles

Type !uebs [unit] in chat to play when rolls are opened. – Be sure your [unit] is all one word, or you will roll 0 units. IE HeavyKnights not Heavy Knights.

Select your units from the choices below. Through MANY hours of playtime, some units have been determined to need buffs and nerfs for balancing.

Team Assignments

If you opt to create teams, teams are selected based on highest and lowest unit counts. The highest and the lowest are teamed, then the next highest and the next lowest, and so on.

General rules

  1. No unit choice duplicates.
  2. New players get first roll/pick.
  3. No re-rolls for low roles, RNG is part of the game!
  4. Units are not placed on map in any certain order or position.
  5. Moderator may alter placement or teams as needed. This should be done very rarely as RNG is part of the game! (I’ve done it twice in 17 hours worth of gameplay).

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