Welcome back to Wandering Warrior, where I try out different warrior builds in sPvP. If you want to see other episodes, you can check it out the Wandering Warrior Page. As always if there are other statistics you’d like to see tracked, let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

Wandering Warrior Episode IV – The Squad Commander Banner Build

I had so much fun with my Squad Commander build, I decided to try another varition.  Instead of a shout heal build, I went with a banner build.  It turned out to also be a really fun build, and the most successful to date.  I enjoyed it very much, and can’t wait to share it with you.

The Squad Commander sPvP Banner Build Link

Sword/Shield + Rifle Banner Build Analysis

Win rate: 75% (This is the highest win rate of all my builds)
Average Points: 136
Average Win Points: 139
Average Loss Points: 127

The win rate is the best so far.  I did find myself dying more than the shout build, but I was also running solo quite often when I shouldn’t have been.  The overall average points are highest, and even the average loss points are significantly higher than any other build to date.

To determine stats, I run 20 games in hot join.  I do not count games more than 50 points in progress.  I also choose random to determine team.

Squad Commander Banner Build Insights

  1. Melandru Runes would be amazing to help with conditions.
  2. Stay. With. Allies.  Running solo is moderately viable, but you will multiply your effectiveness by staying with teammates.
  3. Amulet choice could go full Soldier.  I tested both afterwards, and found the straight Soldier amulet had better up front survivability, while Soldier/cleric won in a longer fight.

Your Thoughts And Insights

I could really use some feedback on this and all my builds.  Leave me something in the comments, even if it’s just to say you used it and liked it.  Feel free to leave your own modifications in the comments as well.  This is meant to be a collaborative project, so let’s collaborate.