Buying Into Wildstar Now

Invest Into Wildstar Early

f2p wildstarWildstar will be free to play in fall of 2015.  Some people might not want to wait that long, especially considering how cheap Wildstar is right now.  If you don’t mind spending a little bit of time and/or money, you can start Wildstar early.  You can check it out now to see if it’s worth subscribing to until it goes free.  If you subscribe now, you will get loyalty points for any months of subscription when Wildstar introduces the new free to play model.  You will also get some loyalty perks (in game unlocks) based on your game edition.  So even if you do buy in now, you won’t be wasting your money.

The 10 Day Trial of Wildstar

There is currently a way to get a 10 day free trial of Wildstar.  You can use this trial as a completely new player, or if you’re a returning player like me, you can add 10 days of trial time to your account.  The trial status does have some restrictions, but it’s nothing that’ll hamper your experience.

  • 3 characters slots per realm
  • Character XP up to level 20 and path XP up to level 12.
  • Limited to Apprentice Crafting (Tier 1)
  • 50 Gold Currency Cap.
  • 5000 Renown Cap.
  • Cannot join or create guilds.
  • Cannot create circles, but you can join them.
  • No trading with other players.
  • No mail access.
  • Can’t become a neighbor or a roommate.
  • Can’t invite another character to be a neighbor or roommate.
  • Can’t post, buyout, or bid on anything in the Commodity Exchange.
  • Chat channels restricted to Say, Yell, and Party chat.
  • No in game /tickets
  • Read-only forum access.
  • Can’t receive or purchase C.R.E.D.D.

If you don’t have an account yet, just go to the Wildstar website and create one.  The option is at the top right of the page.


Sign in, and go to your Account section.  You should see a Start Free Trial button on the right.

wildstar trial

Make sure you are ready to play when you do to this.  The trial starts as soon as you hit START FREE TRIAL.  So be sure you have some time to play!

Buying The Wildstar Box

If you buy a box before the F2P start date, and for a short time after, you will still get all the loyalty perks.  eBay has a lot of Wildstar keys for ~$7, Humble Bundle was selling keys for $1 during E3 2015, and has been offering Wildstar at $9.99 for a physical copies, and Gamestop is offering physical boxes of WildStar for $9.99 too. (all my affiliate links)  All of these are pretty good values for the bonus loyalty perks you get (9 extra character slots, +2 costume slots, +3 bank slots, and +1000 decorations).  There are other bonuses to be announced yet as well, so for less than $10 you are getting a pretty sweet deal, even if it only entertains you for a few hours.

Maxing Out Your New Wildstar Experience

If you take the Free Trial first, and then add a new Wildstar box key, you will get 40 days of Wildstar for FREE!  You can either take that option now, or wait for the official Wildstar Free to Play announcement.  Take your 40 days before the start date, and just continue playing uninterrupted through the F2P launch.  That’s my plan.  How are you going to start your Wildstar experience?


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