Getting Ready For Wildstar F2P

Starting Wildstar as Free To Play

wildstar f2p hopeWildstar goes Free to Play in September of 2015. All game content will be available, even for Free to Play players!  I’m oddly excited.  Wildstar had some truly unique and memorable moments.  Leveling up was a big obstacle for me, as well as a lack of friends to play with.  Now though, the leveling experience has evolved a little since launch, and I have several friends interested in playing.  I want to create a check list so all of us, and all of you, can be ready to hit planet Nexus on day one of F2P!

I’ve put embedded some videos straight from Carbine to help because they are really good videos.  They are both informational and entertaining.  And by entertaining I mean freaking hilarious!

Planning Your Wildstar F2P Character

Character generation is a staple of every MMORPG.  You’ll want to consider all the basics for your character.  Check with your friends to see where they want to do!


Wildstar has two megaservers each for NA and EU.  One for PvE (Entity NA, Jabbit EU) and one for PvP (Warhound NA, Luminai EU).  RP is on the PvE megaservers.  There’s only one available to choose based on your gameplay preference.  Makes it easy, and ensures lots of other players.

Character Name

I overthink names way too much.  Seems everytime I pick one in advance, it’s always taken!  Think of a few names you might want for your Wildstar character.  If you want the authentic Wildstar experience, like me, Carbine offers name help for Exiles here, and Dominion naming help here.

Faction & Races

Like other MMORPGs, Wildstar has two factions:  The Exiles and The Dominion.  As for races, there are no stat benefits or anything like that..  Just pick what you like.

The Exiles are the good guys, a rag-tag rebellion. There are four member races of the Exiles.  You can play a human(humans, duh), rock creature(Granok), squirrel-rabbit hybrid thing(Aurin), or zombie cyborg(Mordesh).

Recruitment video for the Exiles

The Dominion is an evil empire that rules the universe.  This is the faction I chose.  Normally I don’t like the bad guys, buuuut…well, the Chua just look awesome.  What’s a Chua?  Keep reading!  With the Dominion you of course you have your humans(Cassian), robot deathmachines(Mechari), some satyr-tiger hybrid things(Drakken), and of course the cute and cuddly master-race wombat and rat blobs(Chua).

Recruitment video for the Dominion


There are six classes available in Wildstar.  Each class has the option of two roles (tank/dps/healer).

  1. Espers(ranged magic users, summons pets, heals/dps)
  2. Spellslinger(ranged magic user, dps/heals)
  3. Medic(self explanatory, healer/dps)
  4. Warrior(uses a power sword, tank/dps)
  5. Stalker(rogue, stealth, tank/dps)
  6. Engineer(tech user, ranged, tank/dps)

I could go into more detail, but I laughed out loud when I watched this video.  It does a really good job of explaining the classes, so do yourself a favor and watch it.


Wildstar has an interesting game system called Paths.  It’s kind of like your character’s job, but it’s more about emphasizing what you like to do in MMORPGs.  Map completionist?  Killer?  Helper?  Here’s a quick explanation on Paths in Wildstar.

  • Explorer – Scavenger hunts, jumping puzzles, and finding hidden areas.  Map exploration.
  • Soldier – Pretty straight-forward killing stuff.
  • Settler – Build buff stations for players to use, buildings, vendors, etc.
  • Scientist – Puzzle solving, lore discovery, kind of a learn how-things-work type deal.

This video explains paths a little better if you’re still confused.  And it’s hilarious.

Find Some Friends

Games are always better with friends.  Finding a guild can help you get up to speed on Wildstar quicker than figuring everything out on your own.  Veteran players can offer crafting tips, directions to the nearest vendor, and various other little quality of life tricks.

Money Isn’t Everything, But It Helps

If you can wait until Wildstar goes Free To Play, you won’t have to spend a dime.  There’s going to be a cash shop to help fund Wildstar F2P.  Probably having $10-$20 to buy some cool convenience, vanity, or appearance item(s) would be fun.  Not necessary of course, but they have hoverboards.  How you can not want a hoverboard is beyond me.  What are you doing to prepare for Wildstar F2P?

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