What To Do At Max Level In World of Warcraft

Things To Do In Warcraft

Leveling up in WoW is a bit of a journey.  Still, leveling up is is like a tutorial for the endgame. Once you reach max level in WoW, that’s when the game really begins! Often people ask ‘What is there to do in WoW?’ once they hit that magic level 120.  World of Warcraft has been around a long time, so there’s plenty to do.  You can focus on PvE, PvP, or both!

Structured Activities

These are activities directly supported by the game. They are easy to pick up and do, and are guided by the game itself.

Gearing Up

The very first thing people want to do at level 120 is gear up. WoW makes it very easy to get a good set of starting gear.  Right now Ashran is incredibly quick and easy for getting a starting set of gear for PvP and PvE.  For PvE players, you’ll still want to start running dungeons to get more PvE-centric gear.  More on dungeons below.  For PvP players, Battlegrounds and Skirmishes are where you want to start.  More on those below too.

Daily Quests

Right now there are lots of world quests to do.  You can even use the LFG tool to find certain daily quests in other players Garrisons.  These quests can be for gold, achievements, items, crafting materials, and so on.  There are currently no daily quest hubs for max level in WoW.

There are also cooking daily quests, fishing daily quests, and more available in your capital city.  If you’re leveling these professions, or just want the gold, these are available.


Dungeons are the main way to gear up for PvE in WoW. You and four allies can tackle a dungeon, or you and a few others can queue up through the LFG tool to fill whatever role you are missing.  There is a daily bonus for queuing for a random dungeon, so consider that when you queue. Like Raids, there are different levels of dungeons.  Each level will gear you up for the next (normal, Heroic, Mythic), and eventually gear you for  Raiding.  More on Raiding below.


You can challenge your server (realm) and see how quickly you can complete a dungeon.  Inside your LFG tool you’ll find Challenge Mode options.  See how you stack up to the best your server has to offer!


Battlegrounds are one place you can gear up for PvP.  Battlegrounds, or BGs, can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes on average.  They award Honor, Conquest points if you win, and a box based on how many points your team scored.  If you get at least 500 points, you’ll get a strongbox that contains anything from gold to Conquest gear.

Ranked Battlegrounds

Ranked Battlegrounds are the competitive scene for battlegrounds. You join a team of 8 players, and queue together.  The idea is to queue against players of similar rating(MMR), but sometimes that doesn’t happen if not a lot of teams are queuing.  Only certain battleground maps are used for RBGs, likely to keep things balanced. These award a large amount of Conquest Points per win.


The most competitive PvP content at max level in WoW is Arenas. While competing in arenas, you will be given a rating(MMR). The MMR is based on your wins and losses, in comparison to the ratings of the players you are playing against. You can queue in 2s, 3s, or 5s. These are separate queues, so you will need to queue with teammates.  Alternately, you will never have any PuG teammates. Winning awards Conquest Points.


Skirmishes are essentially practice arenas. You can queue up solo for skirmishes.  It is a much lower pressure environment, as there is no rating(MMR) involved. They have all the same maps as normal arenas. Skirmishes do award Honor, so you can practice for arenas and gear up at the same time! This is a great venue if you are just getting into PvP.


Raids are the highest PvE content available to max level players in WoW. It takes groups of 10-20 players to complete. This content can be very challenging, and will require a certain level of gear from Dungeons. There are also varying levels of difficulty for Raids. Flex Raids, all the way up to Mythic Raids. You should expect to gear up through each difficulty of raid, meaning you can’t expect to start a Mythic Raid in Dungeon gear.

Special Events

Occasionally WoW has events that offer unique activities for a short time. Children’s Week, Winterveil, Noblegarden and many others happen once a year. There are so many of these events that generally something is always going on. There are also events like the Darkmoon Faire that come around regularly. Events like these usually have achievements associated with them as well. You can normally find out if they are happening by looking at your calendar.

Occasionally players will also hold player events. You can usually find out about these on your realm forums. You don’t need to be a subscriber to read the forums, so check it out!


Hopefully as you leveled up, you saved all the crafting materials you came across. You can work on your crafting skills to max them out. Why do crafting at max level in WoW? Certain professions can be beneficial to you. Alchemy can create reusable flasks which will save you gold, and are good for PvP and PvE.  Enchanting lets you disenchant and sell the materials, or enchant your own weapons to save gold. Check out the perks of each profession.  You can also make gold through crafting certain items and selling them on the AH.  There are achievements for crafting too!

Unstructured Activities

These activities take a little initiative on your part. Sometimes there may be a little research involved outside the game. These are usually the ‘off the beaten path’ activities.

World PvP

If you are on a PvP server, world PvP (wPvP) is another option for you. For those that don’t know, wPvP is essentially fighting in the open world. There is no balancing like in BGs or Arenas, it all comes down numbers, skill, and gear.  There are many places to find wPvP is any popular daily quest hub. You can also pay attention to General chat on a planet and sometimes people will ask for help when they are being killed by enemy players. You can find wPvP on a PvE server, but it is more difficult.

I don’t advocate going out of your way to hunt down and kill low level characters. It takes no skill at all, and also gives no reward. If they are killing a friend or ally on the other hand, it’s open season.


Ashran is kind of like world PvP, in that it’s a huge open space, but there are different objectives for you and your raid to complete.  It’s a continuation of places like Wintergrasp and Tol Barad.  Ashran is a phenomenal place gear up.  Winning events rewards stronghold boxes, gold, Honor, and/or Conquest points.  There are also daily objectives to complete as well that award gold and Honor.

Achievement Completion

There are many, many achievements you can go after at max level in WoW. Some will even be made easier just by being max level. Some are as simple as buying as tasting different types of alcohol, and some are more complex and require weeks of effort to complete. Check your Achievements tab in game for a list of all the achievements.  There are some hidden achievements as well! Achievements are available for PvE, PvP, and just about every bit of game content.


If you are on a roleplay (RP) server, you may want to try roleplaying. Essentially, RPing is creating a character personality, and acting it out. Think of it as being a character in an ongoing TV series. You interact with other RPers, and respond to them as your character would respond. If you are interested in RPing, find the RPers on your server and ask them where RPers get together. Usually RPers are willing to help new players get involved.

Pet Battles

The little pet companions you find along the have a second use.  You can use your pets to do battle against other players and their pets, as well as all the little critters you come across in the game.

Endless Possibilities At Max Level

There are tons of things to do at max level in WoW. You can have mount races with your friends, a dance party in Shattrath, or a million other things. Joining a guild also helps fill your time at max level in WoW, but isn’t necessary. New types of content, like Garrisons, are being added all the time. By the time you reach max level, there may be a million and one things to do!

If you have any tips for players at end game, leave them in the comments below.

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