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What To Do With Artifact Fragments In Ashran

This is a beginner’s guide.  If you’re new to Ashran, it’s easy to learn where and when to turn in your Artifact fragments.  Artifact Fragments drop off players and NPCs.  You must loot the bodies to get the artifact fragments.  If you loot a player, you will get half of their fragments!  So if they were holding 100 Artifact Fragments, you just got 50!  The same goes for you though.  In fact, if you die at all in Ashran, you will lose half of your Artifact Fragments.  Sucks for melee classes, but dems the breaks!

Before you go to Ashran, make sure you have a Gladiator Sanctum in your Garrison if you want to gear up quickly!

Artifact Fragment Rewards

Let’s get to the good part first.  Turning in Artifact Fragments gives you Honor!  That’s right, you can fully gear up for PvP in Ashran without ever setting foot in a battleground or arena.  Your Honor gear set may even come a little faster in Ashran.  Your Conquest set is still gonna be much faster via Arenas and RBGs.  Ask in General and/or LocalDefense to join a raid.  That way, you will be able to loot NPCs killed by your raid members, as well as collect bones for your Gladiator Sanctum from raid member kills too!  Win-win.

There are a couple of items on the Reputation Vendor that may be of interest to you that require Artifact Fragments to purchase. They only work in Ashran, so don’t buy them unless you plan to come back to Ashran often. The rep vendor is marked in the picture below for the Alliance.  If someone wants to send me a picture to use for the Horde, i’ll take it!  Pay special attention to your reputation level.  You will get reputation crazy fast through turning in Artifact Fragments, but don’t try to hold fragments until you have the right level of reputation.

  • Vol’jin’s Spear/Wrynn’s Vanguard Battle Standard puts a battle standard down that gives nearby allies bonus Versatility.
  • LeBlanc’s Recorder summons a herd of help to trample enemies!  I’d buy this the first time you have 500 artifact fragments.

There are other things to turn in your artifact fragments for, but unless you really want to focus on Ashran, they aren’t worth your trouble or inventory space.

Who To Turn Artifact Fragments In To

Now that you know what you can get, let’s work on how to get it.  First i’ll assume you want to gear up in full PvP gear as fast as possible.  Turning in Artifact Fragments gets you 3 Honor per fragment.  They are ridiculously easy to come by, so turn them in early and often.

You can also turn the artifact fragments in to whatever benefits you most.  Click the option on the designated NPC to take all your fragments.  If you use the other options, you get 2/3 less Honor as a reward.  Strange?  Yes.  But that’s the way it is right now. Who you turn in the artifact fragments to depends on what you are doing:

  • If your raid is pushing the main road (straight up the middle), Fangral or Kronus is your man.  Err, elemental.
  • If your raid is doing events (outlying areas), Wolf Riders/Knight Riders will patrol outer areas.
  • If you are running solo doing the daily objectives, turn them into the warlocks and mages.  The warlocks will open portals between Molten Quarry and the Amphitheater of Anguish.  The mages will open portals in the middle of the map (due west of crossroads) that you can use to port back to camp.

Or, to look at things another way:

  • If you want to slow down the enemy push on your base, turn in to Fangral/Kronus.
  • If you want to slow down the enemy push on events, turn in to Knight Riders/Wolf Riders.

If you don’t care or know what to do, use the ‘take all my fragments option’ on any NPC.  Occasionally you will not see any quests up that take artifact fragments to anyone.  That just means all the bonuses are active.  You can still turn any fragments for Honor and reputation.

who do you turn in artifact fragments to

How To Ashran In 5 Minutes

That was quick and painless, wasn’t it?  In the long run, it sort of doesn’t matter where you turn your artifact fragments in at.  For now though, follow this guide and you’ll look  like an Ashran PvP pro!  The only things you should worry about are staying alive to turn in as many fragments as possible, and whether you want to save your fragments for one of the rewards.  If you die, it’s really no big deal.  Fragments are a dime a dozen, so if you spend any time at all in Ashran, you’ll get all you need and then some.

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