How I feel about SWTOR lately...
How I feel about SWTOR lately…

As a warning, this is a pretty angry post.  I’m a little frustrated with SWTOR lately.  I’ve avoided logging in the past several weeks unless a friend specifically asked me to.  Also, having a hobby where you write guides is kinda put on hold when there are big changes just around the corner.  Or no changes in some (most) cases.  I’ve also had some bad experiences in game.  Never fear, i’m here to share my drama with you today.  This is me being a human being and venting for your amusement. /popcorn and enjoy.

Upcoming Changes in SWTOR

So the expansion will bring Disciplines.  I’m mostly ok with this.  I obviously can’t be all for it considering I don’t know how it’ll work out.  If it’s balanced, i’ll be all for it.  All that other expansion content…I couldn’t care less about.

  • Operations!  /yawn
  • Flashpoints! /facepalm
  • Story! /mildinterest

I really just want to see the story.  Leveling is just a huge waste, and for the life of me I don’t see why MMOs bother with increasing level caps anymore.  55?  60?  100?  What does it matter?  With SWTOR especially, people like the story.  They are going to play through the story to see it.  I’m going to do daily quests, queue for PvP, and do other stuff from the day the expansion launches, until the day the game shuts down.  So why do I have to fill up 5 more arbitrary levels?  Stop wasting development time on coding in more levels, and put that development time into coding more content.  It’s like a carrot on a stick, and us players are the horse.  The devs just hold that carrot in front of us to make us chase it.  We go after it, yet will never catch it.  Guild Wars 2 has it right.  They just keep adding meaningful content, not levels.  Enough of that rant though.

Significant Lack of Changes

Nothing new for PvP.  Nothing new for GSF.  Why am I still here?  Because it’s Star Wars.  I know I’ve complained about this once already, but how long do we have to wait for even some kind of basic announcement?  Throw a dog a bone guys, come on!

Bad Experiences With The Cartel Market

I bought the latest hypercrate because I still really like the Galactic Stronghold stuff.  I generally improve my conquest point boost by about 20% per new hypercrate release.  Well with this last hypercrate, it was more like 2%.  I got absolutely none of the ultra-rare high end items.  It was the absolute worst hypercrate I’ve gotten to date.  It’s actually made me stop and question whether I should be buying new hypercrates.  If I wait until they go on sale in the future, I could really save a lot of Cartel Coins.  I’d also make more credits selling things because the items would be rarer.  Shouldn’t Bioware want to reward early adopters?  Seems like the people who spend the most money get screwed the most.

Bad GSF Experiences

Whining.  Great goodness.  Literally every game I play, it’s something different after each game.  Don’t fly fully maxed ships.  Don’t fly in premades.  Don’t 3 cap in Domination.  Don’t spawn camp in TDM.  Don’t play too good in wargames.  HOW DO YOU SPAWN CAMP IN TDM?!?  I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s OK to tell me how to play the game.  I also don’t understand how everyone has their own special set of rules, and expects everyone else to know what they are, much less follow them.  The problem is compounded by the fact that most games have been wargames lately.  So when I log over to Sith side and play a few games, what happens?  I get 3 straight wargames against newbie pilots.  That’s when I logged out.

Bad Conquest Experiences

No real drama here per se, they just took their sweet time before choosing a planet to invade.  Because of my work schedule, I end up missing an extra day.  When the new patch came out that allowed the GM to delegate Invasion privileges, the GM had elected not to delegate said privileges.  I waited for the next week, trying to be patient and understanding.  Still, nobody had been given privileges to Invade.  I quit my guild.

The Future, SWTOR, and Me

I  don’t know, really.  Considering it’s a free game, i’ll probably always be here as long as I have friends that play.  SWTOR has been my ‘main’ game since it launched, minus a 6 month stint in Guild Wars 2.  Right now?  That ‘main’ game would have to be League of Legends.  I’ve done a lot of thinking, but haven’t really decided on anything.  I may just have to go back to something familiar…

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  1. Hi guy…..Brian here. Was wondering what had happened to you…..I moved back to the EU server, Red Eclipse, Empire since I find very few people on in the USA AM time I play..I would like to ask that you consider starting your own guild and built it from the ground up. I really miss the days when playing WOW of all games, I met and made friends with a number of families via Ventrillo…Please get back to me direct (think you have my email)…..

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