Really, doesn’t it?  Trying some new colors.  Suggestions good, comments too.

0 thoughts on “Doesn’t it look purdy?”
  1. It does look nice! Perhaps you’ve missed your calling in life, and should become a professional blogger. (Or a luchador. That would be pretty awesome too)

    It makes me think I really should do something to spruce up my orphaned little blog. I had intended to use it as part of my name/url profile, until I went and looked at it. Last update was 04/15/2010. That and everything is powder blue. WTF is up with that?

    My blog currently reminds me of the time I was playing City of Heroes and my video card couldn’t handle the graphics, so I saw the world as ghosts. Couldn’t see colors or anything. So I generated my character (a minigame in itself) and my friend that I was playing with assessed it thusly: “You would look noble and intimidating if it didn’t look like you got your powers from falling into a vat of Kool-Aid.” Apparently I was bright, screaming purple. ((I did later go back when I had a real video card and made a toon that was an homage to that first failure — The Sugar Plum Fairy, along with other memorable super heroes such as Hangover Harry, Menopause (teamed with The Disgruntler), and Thunder Thighs.))

    God, I miss that game.

    Anyways, Kere, it’s looking good. Now all we need to do is get into a huge fight over something to see if these comments can handle it.

  2. From LoveIsABattleground,

    I always have loved the red on black, especially for warfare, but white text on a black background I have always found difficult to read. Regardless, I will keep reading. Love the blog!

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