Started out some premades with a couple of Arathi Basins against another premade.  Both games we fought the same team.  First game we almost got 5 capped.  Second game we did better and barely got 4 capped.  People having to go whittled us down to enough for Warsong and we didn’t lose a single one.  Got a lot of achievements done, couple people got Iron Man, and I got my Not so Fast, Warsong Gulch Veteran, which polished off my Master of Warsong Gulch!

We tried getting Proletaire his Iron Man a couple times, but he wasn’t able to stay alive.  The last team we played was a half premade from our server.  He got the first 2 but died just before the 3rd flag was able to be capped.  Exa played FC, and he was pretty beast.  Barely died at all.  Good times.

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