Rally in Stormwind!

Rim was poking around in Stormwind, where he clearly does not belong.  Raging, no doubt.  There was some QQ.  And then Wusah joined him.  And there was some more QQ.  Lots more QQ actually.  So when the RP event I was attending finished, I headed that way on my own Rogue to help, cause that’s who I happened to be on.

We managed to keep them down with some friends and PuGs.  That is, until Talius arrived with 6 or 7 more and they started crashing through from Trade, to Mage, to the Park.  I pretty much decided at that point I should get on a character I actually knew how to play, because I still wasn’t sober.

Started gathering more people once I was on my Paladin, and I really have to hand it to the Alliance in Stormwind, they really pulled together and listened.  We had a raid of 25 people, and hit the Horde in the Park like a freight train! We really put them down well, everyone did just like we planned.  The Alliance have been very attentive lately, and i’m pretty encouraged by that.  Someone even asked permission to plant a banner, that’s how willing to listen to directions they were!  The Horde rezzed, and didn’t even get a chance to heal up or buff much and the Alliance were already on top of them.  We wiped them out a second time.  By then, people wanted to run off and do other things.  Wintergrasp, level alts, battlegrounds, etc.  It was pretty fun to have that many people working together so well.  At least it seemed that way.  Could have been the 25 v 10…

Alliance: Devine, Darvaria, Sicklethorne, Whyspur, Handor/Akallandin, Exa, Cruseth, Emptyness, Marwyn, Bruder, Gladiator, Rifter Aerana, Rowes, Brumark, Balticus, Daphne, Strauss, Ziondh, Xiva, Coopster
Horde: Rim, Wusah, Tallonpie, Talius, Colaran, Rayneys, Chingone, Castorius, Nzaohal, Trysus

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