Ravenholdt – a PvP/RP server with a population that, according to WarcraftRealms.com, is 2 to 1 favoring the Horde on a good day.  This blog is about world PvP on Ravenholdt, through the eyes of my characters.  I have been playing World of Warcraft since beta, and have always played Alliance.  Over the next four days I will be posting a little more in-depth about each of my characters.  I’m also a roleplayer, so I will be posting about how their RP affects their PvP.  After all, it is an RP-PvP server right?
I try to tag all the names of people involved so that anyone can search for any name, and see if they were involved in any PvP with me.  Sometimes it takes a while for this to work, so you may have to try searching by location or some other variable.
I want to let everyone in on a little secret;There are some guild mates who do not know this blog exists.  I have not advertised the URL openly in any way, shape, or form.  There are some who know, but don’t know the address.  Word of mouth is the only way the name has traveled so far. I just keep tabs of fun or unusual PvP related things, or something I spend a great amount of time doing.
Now, this is all written from an Alliance perspective.  This should be no giant secret, as it’s stated right at the top of the blog under the title.  It doesn’t seem to bother the some of the Horde though, because I know there are at least a few that check it now and again.  This blog has actually changed my opinion greatly about the Horde side players.  I have come to like several, and actually had some transfers willing to join our guild. There are also Horde who take this blog a little too seriously too.  I would just remind them that this is a game, and the group of people this blog is intended for are on an opposing team.  That means when you happen to ‘lose’ a particular fight, that our team is going to be happy about it.  If you want a voice in it, toss in a comment.  I’ve had someone call me a liar in the comments and still didn’t delete it.  The Horde perspective only enhances this blog.  It can also add some facts that I would never have been able to know.  Not to mention you can see which Horde are gracious winners, and which are sore losers!

I encourage everyone to post with their name in the comments.  You can register one or add your name in the post as several do.  Anonymous is fine too.  I could disable comments, anonymous comments, or delete any comments if I really had to.  I’m a free speech advocate though, so moderating posts isn’t something I want to even do.  I think most of the readers here know what’s up with the anonymous posts anyway…

So by all means, please enjoy the blog.  E-mail any comments, suggestions, screenshots, or whatever you’d like to constantwarfare@gmail.com.  I’ve gotten a few things in the past and would love to put up more, especially from other perspectives.
Thanks for reading!
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