Alliance claim to Stormwind still Undisputed!

Undisputed was harassing Stormwind en masse!  When I first got to Stormwind, they were heavy in the Trade District.  I helped clear them out of the Visitor’s Center and Counting House a couple times, then sorta started wandering around doing the content quests.  I noticed LocalDefense still pinging, and got a request to help.  This time we found them near the front gates on the bridge.  Took them out again, but this time, we only managed to push them outside the front gates.  Here the un-grouped Alliance zerged to their doom.  Like…a certain Boomkin we all know and love (or love to hate).  At this point, we started to rally in Stormwind.  Once everyone got there, and we buffed up, we charged outside and trampled them!  With all the Alliance there doing the elemental invasion/repelling, it was a HUGE blue zerg!  Glorious!

We pulled back and let them rez every time.  That was quite an impressive feat too, considering all the Alliance that were around.  Probably the best part for me was after having pulled back to the gates once, a few minutes went by and Northshire started sounding off.  So we all charge to Northshire to find a good sized group of the attacking Horde -just- outside of view range!  They were NOT expecting us!

It took a while, and a TON of Alliance, but we chased them off.  Took long enough!

Alliance: SOOO MANY.

Horde: Snakeslayer, Tekniq, Zuultan, Wall, Vasade, Quickshot, Daon, Thone, Sinseer, Hotbeast, Tinytusks, Ghostqt, Wittle, Soulkeepers, Outbreak, Maladine, Alaurel, Bricker, Lexsa, Rim

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  1. Yeah I did forget, but I actually owed Rim a favor. So that just made us even!

  2. Anonymous says:

    losing doesent make it a bad fight.

  3. I’ve certainly enjoyed every fight with them so far. Zero complaints from me! I like these guys.

    How quickly you forget, Kere.

  4. Anonymous says:

    WHY TY. We act much nicer when Xelas isent there!

    Not guna lie though, I showed up late and they where talking about how many of you guys there where. So I started talking about how I was guna solo all of you.. dident work out. >:(


  5. Nope, Mec said he was getting whispers, but no trolling. Maybe these guys are a whole new level of classy than the usual Horde we fight(with a few exceptions ). I’ve certainly enjoyed every fight with them so far. Zero complaints from me! I like these guys.

  6. Sorry I missed this, if only in anticipation of a whiny level 1 coming around and bitching about being outnumbered 4 to 1 in a capital city. 😀

  7. Actually some of them did disappear for a moment, only to show right back up a little while later. I saw that too. (Or didn’t see it…)

  8. Boomkin says:

    Hey I was grouped, Back off. May have only been 4 of us in the group trying to fight em off, but I was GROUPED !
    They also may have appeared out of nowhere on me due to my crummy rig at the moment…
    Possibly. *cough

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