I know this one was done before, but not only is it on the old site, it’s also completely retooled for the 4.x patch. This time though, you’ll be asking questions to someone who’s PvPed a lot more as Retribution than me.  A round of applause for Arastar please!  He will be answering your questions at 10pm server time tonight, so please leave your questions for him in the comments below, and he will get to them tonight.

Don’t recognize the name?  Want to know his credentials?  Perhaps his old name will clear things up…DEFFENDER!   DEATH!!!

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  1. Oh and btw, you are anything but a BAD hunter, Xelas. Lmao. You play the hardest class in the game right now in pvp (= hang in there!

    Aww, thanks! I get so much crap from the forum kids, that it’s all kind of a big joke now. I wear my Bad as a badge of honor. 😉

    (Though I have to admit, I really do have a ton of fun as Yulia.)

    I’d ask you some questions, but I’m pretty sure the relationship between hunter and pally have stayed largely the same: I try to keep you at a distance; you try to close that distance. Pain happens whenever either of us succeeds. 😉

  2. However, blizz has given rets some neat stuff. Rebuke is a nice clutch move to use in a tight spot, it can seal the deal when someone is trying to heal and u either pop a trinket or bubble to get out of the cc and rebuke them. Also, the 30 yards on judge, exorcism, and hammer allow ret to be able to cast ranged attacks on enemies. This basically means that kiting ret without a spell interrupt move is a bad idea. Also, the spring move is pretty awesome for catching up to kiting enemies. Right now what I use in pvp is seal of righteousness. This allows for max dps and if the situation calls for it u can immediately switch to justice. The main problem with seal of truth is that it takes time to apply and it breaks cc. Both of these aspects really make it not optimal in pvp. I have a feeling that at 85 ret and prot’s healing will be drastically reduced. Right now overall the best pvp spec to get is to grab 31 pts in ret and get eternal glory + protector of the innocent. I personally skip getting divine storm, sanctity of battle, inquiry of faith, and acts of sacrifice. One important thing to note about paladins that not many people have noitced. Divine shield is 8sec duration + 5min cd. Hand of protection is 10sec duration and a 3min cd. Also, you can dps at 100% dps with spell moves like exorcism in hand of protection. Basically, HoP is almost always a better move to use on yourself vs a physical class. Hope my comments helped (= gl guyz

  3. Right now in my opinion ret is the worst of the three pvp specs. This is mainly because although ret has the highest dps potential, it is all in the form of buffs. So basically classes that can spam purge turn ret’s Zealotry, Wings, and Inquisition basically into a move that is useless. What I do sometimes in duels or 1v1 combat is I will stun the and then pop wings and hamemr and then use divine shield. Divine shield can be used to protect your wings from purges(hopefully). This will give u two super hammers. Compared to other classes I think that ret has been simply given another super dps cd. Having 3 moves that kinda all do the same thing (enhance dps for a short time) is kind of pointless. Rebuke is very handy to have though, it helps a lot to keybind that move for a clutch situation. Just a few thoughts, hang in there guys (=

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