Guild Wars 2, as advertised, stands for everything I’ve wanted in an MMO. This game launches August 28, 2012 with a 3 day head start for people that preorder. Also with your preorder, you will be able to participate in the beta weekend event that starts tomorrow. There are several editions to choose from. I plan to grab the basic edition because I plan to play this game part-time, and for PvP only. I haven’t preordered yet, so I haven’t seen the beta myself. I also won’t be able to make the BWE. Podcasts and the official site are where I have gotten my information.

The one time purchase model is great for every gamers budget. You save $15/month. While you also have to pay for expansions, unless there is a new one every four months, you’re still saving money.

Horizontal scaling for PvP is a Godsend. No more keeping up with the Jonses. Wear gear because you like it, not because you have to. The PvP system will be similar to Star Wars’ 10-49 bracket. All characters become max level inside PvP instances. This means the only difference beyond personal skill is how many points you have available at your current level, and where you put them. Once you max your character level, nobody will have any advantage over you. No. More. Grinding.  Taugrim does a GREAT job at explaining this idea.

A questing system that changes based on in-game events. Your path changes like the direction of the wind. No more linear or predictable leveling, which probably has alt lovers salivating.

You can take every crafting profession. No more starting over when another profession suits your play style better. You can only have two professions active at a time, but your progress is saved and available with a time sink donation (currency) to the game.

Dye. No more looking like everyone else. Enough said.

There is no downtime. When a patch is ready, you log off, download it, and log on. Arenanet has said they plan for GW2 to have a similar amount of downtime to GW1. Thirty-two (32) hours. Over seven years. Now I’ll have to pick a new day to buy groceries.

PvP dungeons are probably the wildest innovation I’ve heard. Think Lord of the Rings where they are traveling through the Mines of Moria with goblins shooting as they travel across a narrow bridge. PvP combat while you solve traps and puzzles. I’m certainly interested in trying it, even though I’m not a fan of PvE. I can see where this sort of thing could get people to try more PvP or PvE.

The lack of a dedicated healer class is also great. Balance issues were why I quit World of Warcraft. Now that everyone has built in heals, balance should be easier to keep.

Now as I said at the beginning, this is all based on what’s been advertised. How it all plays out come opening day might be different. If everything comes as promised though, it will have repercussions for every MMO. What features are you most looking forward to in Guild Wars 2?  Are you pre-patched for this weekend’s Beta Weekend Event?

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