An introduction

Online gaming is constant warfare for me. From Tol Barad, to Wake Island, the Voidstar, or Summoner’s Rift, to just corralling guild mates together to do something. Every game I play is a pitched battle of players versus players. For me, this steady drumbeat of battle between players is an addictive challenge. Teamwork, a dash of planning, and hands on experience are paramount to enhancing that fun for me. Content will only keep me interested for so long. It’s the immediate community that keeps me coming back. Call it a guild, a clan, a cabal, or a player association, but it is a group of people that I have a uniquely strange relationship with, all aiming for the same goal – fun.

In the past on this blog I chronicled my personal experience in World of Warcraft in a very narrow way. I enjoyed the substantive content, but felt compelled to add filler content, which ended up taking up too much time and did not have much value. My goal with this blog is to provide relevant advice, entertainment, and game-specific help and information as it relates to my own online experiences.

Currently I play Star Wars: The Old Republic and Battlefield 3 steadily. I also enjoy League of Legends and World of Tanks on occasion. Guild Wars 2 and End of Nations are both games I am looking forward to on the horizon. Mobile gaming is something I am very interested in, but have yet to find much worth investing time in. While this blog will be influenced heavily by the games I play, I am always looking to try new ones. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below, and with this introduction, let the good games roll!

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