Given Star Wars’ lackluster performance so far, and the coming of Guild Wars 2 and all it’s features, I am predicting that in or around August, we will see something MASSIVE from Bioware.  It may be implemented or announced, but I have a feeling that it’s something big.  They really need something big to happen, too.  There’s been a drumbeat of bad news for the game, which is really sad.  It’s an amazing game. My only complaint is that PvP is such a huge grindfest.  With Guild Wars 2’s skill system, it’s going to be hard for Bioware to explain why someone should continue to grind tiers of gear for $15/month, when they can just have plain ole good fun for free.

I’m also predicting that i’m going to be rolling up a Warrior in Guild Wars 2.  I searched for PvP gameplay footage of Rangers, Guardians, and then Warriors.  Rangers looked a little silly.  Starting with the Legolas-esque movement.  For an Elf, maybe.  The whole machine-gun-but-really-a-bow effect wasn’t really appealing either.  Next I saw a video of a Warrior getting kited for 7 minutes.  That looked fun.  Guardians looked plenty powerful, but a little slow paced for my style.  Then I learned warriors could equip ranged weapons.  So I searched for some ranged PvP footage and I saw this video.  Sold.  It reminds me of exactly why I love my Gunslinger.

Now I have to decide between Human and Charr.

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