Repopulation is an in-development sandbox MMO I found on Kickstarter. It will be free to play upon release, and has all the makings of Star Wars: Galaxies when it first came out. I’m sold, and already signed up for testing.

You can join one of the two established factions – or create your own ‘rogue nation’. You can build player cities. By the way, each nation can have multiple cities. Players elect Mayors to run said cities. You can also design and furnish your buildings. The world looks really, really vast.

There are no levels or classes. You choose from skills similar to The Secret World and Guild Wars 2. Something else that hearkens to Galaxies though, is that you can choose diplomatic, harvesting, or crafting skills. There are over 20 crafting professions to choose from. There is also (most importantly) PvP. Not just any PvP, but 3 faction PvP. Wait though, there’s more…

This isn’t your daddy’s PvP. It’s the next level of PvP. Several innovations are planned for combat: Momentum, limb targeting, postures, and more. There are two modes you can play in. Standard RPG mode, and Action mode which is FPS style. You can toggle between them any time. And the icing on the cake for me is that vehicles have a place in PvP.

Click over to their site and check it out.  Sign up for testing, watch their videos, and read the ‘Game Overview’.  This is too similar to Star Wars: Galaxies in it’s golden age for me to pass up.

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