Star Wars: The Old Republic lowers its price. A lot.

I got a notice today that Star Wars: The Old Republic has lowered it’s price.  The digital deluxe is $20, and the digital Standard Edition is $15 (See ad below).  Even after the game goes F2P, you will still have to purchase the game. I would definitely recommend the Digital Deluxe edition. The free speeder early on is well worth the extra $5 alone. There are also a few other nice things, but the speeder stands out the most to me.

I think this is definitely a smart move for Bioware.  Trying to convince people to pay $60 for a game that is going Free to Play in a few short months is only going to make customers mad. Both copies are a few dollars cheaper on last time I checked too, but sometimes Origin puts out some promotions that might make it comparable.

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