I thought it was time for a little makeover.  I’ve been waiting on the logo to come in, and I have added some pages up top to provide some more information about my site.

  • About –  My mission statement.  It may change from time to time as I decide what direction I want to go in.  I felt like I needed somewhere easy for people to see what this website is about.
  • Games – The games I play and/or recommend.  These are affiliate links, and I do get a commissions or other benefits if you use them.  The commission comes out of the vendor though, never you.
  • Gear – The ‘equipment’ I use and/or recommend.  Again, any affiliate link commissions come out of the vendor, and not you.
  • Resources – Links that you might find helpful in your gaming.
For more information on my affiliate links, check out my Disclosure page.  If you have any further questions, feel free to ask below.  You can also leave comments about the new logo or site layout as well.  I’m always looking for feedback.

Feel like adding something?

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