My first real Guild Wars 2 Puzzle

Early Wednesday morning I was looking for a vista in the Stronghold of Ebonhawke, which is in the Fields of Ruin (level 30-40 area).  I heard an organ playing as I was running around the Stronghold of Ebonhawke, then I found the organ on accident as I was trying to jump around to solve the vista ‘puzzle’.  There were several players running in and out.  Some took a spin on the keys, and you could tell they were probably piano players because it sounded pretty good.  Nobody managed to figure out the organ puzzle, and they quickly lost interest and left.  I did some searching on the internet to see if someone else had already solved the Ebonhawke organ puzzle, and found that there is more than one organ puzzle in Guild Wars 2.  The other organ puzzle is apparently underwater.  This made finding a solution for the Ebohnhawke organ puzzle a little harder right off the bat.  One or two videos weren’t what I was looking for at all, and one was hard to follow.  I made this video so anyone can solve this particular organ puzzle very easily.  Make sure to like it if you use it, and please pass it around to anyone playing Guild Wars 2.  I plan to put out some more Guild Wars 2 videos soon, so subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already.  I’ll be showing more puzzles like this one, to PvP strategy when I get more comfortable with the system, and who knows what else.  I’m really liking Guild Wars 2 so far.

Do you like puzzles like these in games?  How are you liking Guild Wars 2?

P.S.  I have another Star Wars warzone strategy video ready for Friday.  It’s finished, uploaded, and the post with the link is already queued.  Sorry it’s been slow.  Blame Guild Wars 2.
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  1. This organ has been broken for over a month and you can no longer access it to get the chest. It been reported to the devs a month ago and they still haven’t got off their collective lazy butts to respond let alone fix it.

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