I was right on top of the early (midnight) launch.  Despite my best laid plans to focus on one character in Guild Wars 2, I found out at the last minute that a Thief could dual wield pistols.  I spent my first day switching from Warrior to Thief to see which profession I liked better.  The Thief has some amazing animations, but I think the Warrior is better suited to my style of play overall.  The sword and shield style just looks amazing to me.

As far as launches go, Guild Wars 2 really wasn’t terrible.  I had to repeat the final step of the initial tutorial over and over.  I must have killed a hundred centaurs until I figured out that being in a group with my wife was causing the trouble.  Once I went solo, it loaded into the next step properly.  The in-game store, guild creation service, and the Auction House were all up and down.  The game was still very much playable, and we were able to get a guild up and running within 24 hours.  I noticed no latency whatsoever.

There was one slight hiccup for us as a guild.  Our chosen server was full, so we had people spread across different servers.  Thankfully Arena.net has offered free transfers for a little while.  As of today everyone has made it onto the right sever.  Another hiccup came in being on different overflow servers.  The ‘Join’ function isn’t working, so questing together was hit or miss.  There’s a lot of instance loading.  Not as much as Star Wars: The Old Republic, but you have to zone every time you travel to your personal quest area or the main city.  Your personal story alone has you zoning quite a lot.  Luckily zoning happens very quickly.  I have no complaints yet about the amount of zoning I have to do.

The mail system was also bugged.  You either couldn’t send it at all, or there was a huge lag time before it was received.  You could also not send more mail until your last one was received, so this was a little inconvenient.  As time wore on, the system got much better.  We were exchanging mails instantly by Sunday morning.

Last but not least, I was so impressed with the visuals in this game that I threw together a little video to sum up the first 24 hours.  These visuals are what the game areas you explore actually look like.  They aren’t doctored up at all.  My computer is almost two years old, so it’s not exactly state of the art.  I was very, very impressed with the game performance in Guild Wars 2.

How was your headstart access experience in Guild Wars 2 this weekend?  What did you think of the launch?

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  1. I cant wait till i get a computer, I’ll be there! p.s. my computer i was on broke down and i moved into the dorms but i cant be without a computer for too long. Fxn will save the day.

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