Guilds are the most important part of any MMO or multiplayer game. While it seems Guild Wars 2 acknowledges this on some level, there are two problems with their approach. First, the cap on guild members is strangely low. Takes the ‘Massive’ out of MMO. Second, being able to join multiple guilds is a ticking time bomb of time sharing. Both of these are likely to cause guild drama. Guild Wars indeed.

A guild membership cap of 100, while probably good for most, is hardly enough for an established guild to get started. It’s easy for your a guild to amass 100 characters with all the alts, friends and family, and so on. Now guilds will have to be more selective in picking and choosing who gets in. Once someone is in, there has to be rules about getting alts invited. Then there are going to need to be rules to determine when to kick players that are not active enough. After all, someone not doing a lot with the guild isn’t contributing as much influence as an eager newcomer. Each new rule is going to make different players mad for different reasons, drawing out the whole process and lowering morale. has said they are working on the system still, and that guilds can grow over time. These issues are still going to surface at some point if just the right fix isn’t implemented at the right time.

Joining multiple guilds is, I think, a terrible idea. I have always been in favor of players being in one guild. Once you can join multiple guilds, politics comes into play. Which guild do you play ranked games with? Which banner do you wear when gaining influence, and when do you switch? Hurt feelings are bound to happen when one friend sees you wearing the banner of another guild, and vice versa.

So these two things could dampen the Guild Wars 2 MMO experience. They might be resolved prior to launch – who knows? I’m still willing to give it a try. What do you think of the guild system? Will either of these functions bother you? Or are there other functions that could cause problems?

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  1. I agree with your points. The cap is too low. I’m not planning in participating in more than one guild, myself. I feel it will tend to split loyalties myself.

    I have some suggestions that may or may not be viable.

    With the cap being low, I would suggest an “Alt” guild. All the alts can go into one guild for their cap count, but the way it is (I’m just guessing here since I didn’t really read much on joining multiple guilds), they can be linked to the main guild.
    So we might have Reprisal and then another guild like “Reprisal Reserves” or something along those lines. As an alt I would be wearing all the accoutrements of Reprisal Reserves, but my allegiance above all would be to Reprisal itself.
    Just an idea to work around those pesky guild caps and the dilemma of what to do about joining multiple guilds.

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