For beginning players in MMOs, the terms people use discussing PvP can be strange.  So here’s a running list of terms as they pertain to PvP:

PvP Terms Glossary

AoE – Area of Effect.  AoE skills affect every player in their area.  For example, everyone in the area takes damage.

Cast time – The amount of time it requires before an action activates. Think of it like a fuse for dynamite. You light the fuse, but have to wait for the boom.

CC – Crowd Control.  CC is used to slow, stun, or otherwise stop your enemies.

CD – Cooldowns.  Cooldowns are powerful skills that can only be used once every minute, two minutes, etc.

Channeled – An attack or heal that requires a player to actively cast it over a period of time. It starts instantly and lasts until interrupted or its time runs out.

Defense – Staying at a node/objective to guard it from being taken easily by the enemy.

DoT – Damage over Time. An attack where the full damage is done over a period of time. For example, 100 damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds. A total of 400 damage is done, but spread out over 12 seconds.

FotM – Flavor of the month.  Usually describes a build that is currently very powerful.  Often these builds fade when they are nerfed in content patches.

Gank or Ganking – When one player kills another player easily.  Usually done when a player is low on health and/or taken by surprise.

HoT – Heal over Time. A heal where the health is restored over a period of time. For example, 100 health every 3 seconds for 12 seconds. A total of 400 health is restored, but spread out over 12 seconds.

Kiting – Using your CC to control your enemies movement, keeping them off you while you attack from afar.

LoS – Line of Sight.

Min Maxing – Having the gear with the best possible stats at any cost, even if the gain is only a point or two.

MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ( See League of Legends)

Nerf/nerfed – When something is weakened or made less potent.  Like lowering the monetary reward from a quest, or changing class mechanics which make certain builds less powerful.

Nodes – The base or flag or whatever the objective is in a battleground/warzone.

Nuke/DD – Attack or Heal where all the damage/healing is done at once.

Premade – A group of players queuing together as a team.

PvP – Player versus Player.

Root – Immobilizes, but still allows them to function otherwise.

Snare – Slows a character’s movement speed greatly, but still allows them to function otherwise.

Stun – Being locked down and unable to move or control your character.

Zerg – This can have two meanings.  1) To completely overwhelm an enemy with massive numbers.  2) To run into battle mindlessly, usually to the detriment of the team/match.

Got any to add to the list?  Put them in the comments below and I’ll add them.

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  1. Nice post!
    To add:
    Node (This one screwed me up for a bit after I first started MMO’s)
    And for the lols: Defense (Since I feel this is one of the biggest issues in structured pvp. Everyone wants to zerg, no one wants to defend)

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