I was PvPing in a Huttball warzone the other day on my Bounty Hunter when I noticed a teammate in Ops chat telling our team to stop revenging. I hadn’t heard it named before, but I immediately knew what he meant. That’s exactly what I had been doing too. So I stopped. Almost right away.

It isn’t the most useful thing to be doing for a team either. Once I realize I’m doing it, I’ll stop immediately most of the time. Despite how stupid the concept is, I love going after people 1v1 in warzones. I should probably just duel more, but dueling in Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t as easy as going into the Dalaran sewer or riding out front of the gates of Stormwind like in World of Warcraft. Often I just like to pick the biggest dog on the block and see what I can do. The odd thing is, more than once someone has gotten mad. I’ve also been told, more than once, that I am now on their ‘list’. Why they get mad, I don’t understand. PvP is all about Player versus Player, is it not? So why get mad when another player tries to kill you?

There are a few situations I will set good sense aside. If our team is getting rolled and someone is trash talking, that’s a great opportunity. Don’t talk trash boys and girls. Another reason I like to focus people is that they will chase you. If you’re lucky, they bring friends! I cannot tell you how many times I have dragged 2-4 people into the pit or away from the PvP objective, only to hear the sound of success at the objective as I die. Two (or more) for one is always a good team strategy.

This ‘tactic’ applies in any MMO or multiplayer game. Revenging is fun, but it’s not always a good team strategy. Teamwork brings home the trophy. Do you do any ‘revenging’? Why or why not?

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