Alderaan Civil War Warzone Strategy

With the third Warzone installment of my Saboteur PvP Quick Start Guide, here’s a video for my strategies in Alderaan Civil War.  Please leave comments on the main Guide post to keep everything in one place.  As always if you found it useful, please toss it a like.  Subscribe to the channel too if you haven’t already as I still have the Huttball Warzone to go.

I’d also like to take a moment and thank everyone using this guide.  You have put me on the map so to speak.  I am on the front page of Google search results for searches of swtor saboteur pvp, saboteur pvp, and other variations.  So if you think this guide is worth using, please consider leaving a comment on the main Guide post to let people know.

Thanks again, and I hope you can shake things up this weekend in Star Wars: The Old Republic with some of these tips!

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