GW2: A Pair Of Cursed Shore Vistas

Fields of Gold Vista (Caer Shadowfain)

As one person’s comment noted, this one is a mushroom jumper.  The starting point is west of the Caer Shadowfain POI and outpost.  The starting point to the path up looked obvious to me.  There are a couple confusing spots getting up to this vista where it looks like you could jump either direction.  For the most part though, getting this vista is a no brainer once you find the starting point.

Compass Plaza Vista

The vista in Compass Plaza is right above the outpost you visit.  You have to travel a little bit away from the outpost to look up and see it.  It’s a pretty simple vista to get to.  It starts right below the arch backing the outpost, but it has one catch.  The glass you travel up has holes in it.  I followed the seaweed growth and had no problems.  On my way down was another story as I almost took a header into a pile of Risen mobs.

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