GW2: Verarium Delves Jumping Puzzle

Another Hidden Chest in Guild Wars 2

There is a chest hidden in Sparkfly Fen, and you can only get to it after you find the Verarium Delves Vista.  If you need to know how to find the Verarium Delves Vista, I have a video for that too.  This chest is hidden behind a little jumping puzzle that is pretty simple except for one jump through a broken wall.  When you make this jump, don’t worry about jumping too far.  If you fall off the ledge to the inside, a fallen pillar will bring you right back up to the ledge.  The loot from the chest even scales based on level.  Even though it is a lower level zone, I got a level 76 item from the chest!  It could be worthwhile no matter what level you are.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    FYI the chest doesn’t always scale to level, I just stumbled upon the area as a lvl 74 and only got a blue lvl 56 item. Wouldn’t have found the actual chest without your video though, so thanks!

  2. Email me! administrator@(thisdomain).com We didn’t renew with our last provider, so we have new info.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dude where is everyone? D: I can’t get on your mumble. I dunno how to contact you all. :C

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