GW2: Vistas Galore

Sparkfly Fen

Splintered Coast Water Vista

This is the second vista in the Splintered Coast area of Sparkfly Fen.  It is next to the Wrathwave Deeps Point of Interest (POI).  There is a champion Krait at the beginning, so the video I made is mostly just to show you how to get up without engaging it and taking a waypoint ride to nowhere nearby.  Once you get started, the path to the top of the vista is really easy to figure out.

Orvanic Shore / Astrozintli Forelands / Karinn’s Passage

Without being near anything in particular, this is one of a few vistas in Gulid Wars 2 that is hard to name or describe.  Finding this vista is the only difficult part, and it’s only marginally difficult to find.  Super simple to follow once you find the starting point.  This particular video has gotten 5 thumbs down, and I don’t know why.  Any thoughts?

Straits of Devastation

Shark’s Teeth Archipelago (The Vizier Tower Point of Interest)

This, far and away, the most difficult vista in Guild Wars 2 for me to get to.  I spent a long, long time just figuring out where to start.  You score The Vizier Tower POI as you reach the last mushroom before the tree branch jump.  This amazingly difficult tree branch jump repeatedly denied me, and was the most discouraging part of the whole endeavor.  I spent so much time trying to get the vista that it went from night to day (which is readily apparent in the video).  Once you get to the top, which I had to do twice for me and once for my wife, there is also a dynamic event.  The former resident of The Vizier Tower, the Vizier and his goon squad, spawn to make life miserable.  It’s a nasty fight, so make sure you have a few people.  That annoying little ‘roll bug’ could really screw you over as well, so try and keep your back to the wall.  There is a chest at the end with a couple of rewards, so it’s worth sticking around.  I’m not sure what the respawn timer is on the event, I wasn’t really willing to stick around to find out.

If there are any vista videos you want to see, or any vistas you are having trouble with, let me know in the comments.  Also, if any of these videos don’t help you find the vista named, please leave a comment telling me why.

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