An Easy Leveling Warrior Rifle Build for Guild Wars 2

At first I wasn’t really familiar with what all the stats, skills and traits meant.  I only played for about 30 minutes in the Guild Wars 2 BWE 3 event.  I had no knowledge of this game prior to day one of the headstart access, other than how to get to the PvP Mists area.  Around level 20 when I was able to get my first training book and accompanying stat reset, I came up with this build after taking a good look at the traits.

Ranged Warrior / Rifle Build

I tested this build using a Rifle as my main weapon.  My offset is Sword and Shield, but this b assumes you are mainly playing as ranged.  Your offset mainhand would probably be fine with an Axe or Mace to go with the Shield.  I love swords, so I stuck with it to make it work.  Maces are what I speculate to be the best in PvP.  This build may likely work for melee also, but I have not tested it.  Yet!
The idea is to do nothing.  Anyone can use this build.  It is SO easy!  The Signets are the key to the whole build.  Signets by themselves all offer passive abilities when they are not being used:
  • Signet of Fury – Even MORE Precision
  • Signet of Might – Even MORE Damage (Power)
  • Healing Signet – Regen Health during combat
  • Dolyak Signet – Reduce incoming damage
  • Signet of Rage – Regenerates Adrenaline (In case you need your Burst skills)
Your Traits give additional bonus’ to support your lazy habits of doing nothing:
  • Deep Strike – Signets not being used?  +200 precision!
  • Berserker’s Damage and Heightened Focus – Adrenaline not being used?  Extra Damage and Crit!
  • Signet Mastery – Need to use a signet?  It recharges 20% faster!
Now keep in mind, this is a lazy man’s build.  To excel at PvP in Guild Wars 2, you are going to need to know when to use your Signets.  I haven’t heavily tested out this build in PvP yet, so I can’t say whether it would be good or not.  The one day I did try, I had my points assigned but no abilities chosen.  For leveling though, it was pretty good.

Trait Assignment

Use the following order for assigning points to traits.  You want to get a full 10 points in each.
  1. Strength
  2. Discipline
  3. Arms

From there, fill out your Arms traits for the improved bleeds and multishot/AoE attack.  Then you can fill out the other two traits in whichever order you want.

Gearing Up

I geared up prioritizing Precision, Condition Damage, then Crit.  I never had many problems killing things solo, but after some sPvP (Structured PvP IE Warzones / Battlegrounds) I can see where Power and Condition Damage would be better stats to prioritize.  Your basic attacks will hit for more, and your bleeds will still wreak havoc on health pools.  When leveling, the mobs you kill really aren’t going to be alive long enough to make your bleeds a reliable way to kill things.  Now bigger mobs like Veterans and Champions will certainly suffer from substantial bleed damage.  It’s a trade-off that you have to make between sustained damage (Bleeds/Condition Damage) over up front damage (Power).

Basic Attack Strategy

The bleeds from your basic attack ( Bleeding Shot) will be doing most of the work.  Aimed Shot will be your slow, and Rifle Butt will give you some needed distance.  Volley is your burst skill to really put the pressure on.  Let your Bleeding Shot hit 2-3 times in between your other skills so that your bleeds will keep stacking and not fall off.  That’s about it.  Like I said, easy.  Lazy, but easy.
Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Or toss a link up to a Rifle Warrior Build you like to use.  Feel free to critique this build as well.  I’m still learning, and am glad to look at anything that might help me improve.Rifle Warrior Builds Page

Feel like adding something?

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