SWTOR: Saboteur PvP Quick Start Guide Rev 1.4

Huttball Warzone Strategy for Saboteur Gunslingers

With the fourth and final Warzone installment to my Saboteur PvP Quick Start Guide, here’s a video for my strategies in Huttball.  These are good for not just Smugglers or Gunslingers, but they also have some good tips for warzones in general.  Just like always, please leave comments on the main guide post to keep everything in one place.  Please give it a thumbs up if you found it useful, or comment on what you didn’t like.  I have one other SWTOR related project that I might put up, but I want to make sure it’s feasible first.  Beyond that,  I don’t have anymore Star Wars: The Old Republic videos planned until it goes Free to Play.I’d want to thank everyone again for using this guide.  I am still moving up the search results for all kinds of Saboteur PvP and SWTOR searches.  Again, if you think this guide is worth using, please consider leaving a comment on the main guide post to let people know.  If not, please consider leaving a comment with your suggestion for what’s wrong.

Like I posted on the official forums before my subscription ran out, I just hope this guide helped someone have a little more fun in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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