I got my Guild Wars 2 Commander title the other night.  In the first real use of it, our guild partnered with Seelund Trading Company and we claimed Dawn’s Eyrie in WvW.  Together we held it from the reset until well after I logged off at 11 pm.  We even held it despite the fact our southern wall was gone – getting pounded by 2-3 ballistas from the Garrison the entire time.  I’m sure it held longer, but that’s all I can vouch for.  We pushed back the enemy four times – three of them with no southern wall.  It was a really fun night, and I hope we can do it again soon!  Thanks to my guild, Seelund, and everyone else that held Dawn’s Eyrie!

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  1. I’m looking forward to more nights like that one. Much of what happens the rest of the week seems to be defined in those first few hours. Look at what we did with under ten people — just think if we can double that, what we can accomplish! On behalf of Seelund, thanks for inviting us along!

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