Secrets of the Mystic Forge Revealed

Not exactly, but close enough.  Crafting weapons with the Mystic Forge is surprisingly easy.  You need four sets of items, and the ability to click the ‘Forge’ button.  If you get stuck on the second part, phone a friend.  While you wait for them, you can gather the items.  The four sets of items you need are:

  1. Base item x5 (Rifle barrel, sword blade, etc)
  2. Base item x5 (Rifle stock, sword hilt, etc)
  3. Mystic Coin x30
  4. Eldritch Scroll x1
Throw them all in the Mystic Forge and spin the magic wheel.  Out comes your Mystic Weapon, complete with moderately cool spell effect.  So 5+5+50+1 = Mystic weapon!
The video explains where to get the Eldritch Scroll, and also shows the spell effect on the Mystic Rifle I forged.  Enjoy.

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