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How does WvW work?

I never played the original Guild Wars.  If you’re like me, you had no idea how the game worked.  You also never clicked on the Instructor NPC where you first zone in.  (Do that if you haven’t yet.)  Or, if you’re without game access where you are, read on!

When I first set foot into World versus World, I was more than a little confused and overwhelmed.  Once I hit 80 and started spending more time in WvW, I started to figure things out.  There are two basic maps.  Every realm has it’s own map, and they all have the same layout.  The objectives have different name, but the layout is the same.  The Eternal Battleground is different map layout.  I have spent very little time so far in the Eternal Battlegrounds, so this walk-through is from a standard realm map perspective.

Keep in mind one simple rule in WvW.  Taking structures earns your realm points.  The more structures you control, the more points you get.  The points accumulate to unlock bonuses on the battlefield.  Open your WvW menu to see these bounses (Extra player health, extra resource gathering, etc)  With that in mind, here is what I have learned so far:

WvW Diagram
WvW Objectives Follow A Simple Food Chain Heirarchy

Supply Camps

At the bottom are the Supply Camps.  These Supply Camps funnel supplies to all the other structures on the map.  They use dolyaks to carry the supplies along the road.  Easy to take, much harder to defend.  You can take a supply camp with three players if it’s not being defended.  Taking Supply Camps at the very least denies your enemy fresh supplies.  Recently, our realm was against Blackgate.  We only controlled one tower on the top half of the map and a supply camp or two.  Our small guild group (5) and a few PuGs (1-3) raided the southern half of the map, only taking the Supply Camps.  Meanwhile our main zerg fought off their main zerg at the top.  A couple of hours later our realm controlled the entire top half of the map, and we were about ready to push on one of the side keeps.


Towers offer a semi-safe haven for you to stop in.  You can regroup with your squad, maybe get a drink, but I wouldn’t take a long term AFK in one.  Towers can be taken very easily.  If it’s not been reinforced, or protected by siege weaponry, it’s even less safe.  Claiming a tower allows your guild to provide some buffs to help the defenders.  If you are trying to push into a certain area of the map, a Tower offers a great staging area.

Towers will need fresh dolyaks to replenish supplies.  It is important to know which supply camp is feeding your Tower.


Keeps are similar to Towers.  Keeps are also vastly more difficult to take.  There are two walls the enemy has to break through before attacking the Keep Lord.  Keeps also store the realms Orb.  The Orb gives a nice stat bonus on the battlefield to the players that control it.  Take the Keep with the orb, and you get the bonus.  The three Keeps split the map in half.  You can build waypoints in Keeps, making them all the more strategic to hold.  Faster travel means faster response to enemy assaults.  Taking a Keep is no easy task, so once you get one, you might want to hold onto it.

Keeps will need fresh dolyaks to replenish supplies just like towers.  It is important to know which supply camp is feeding your Keep.


Sentry NPCs are easy to take down.  I can solo them.  One or two players is more than enough.  My guess is these are here simply to harass unguarded dolyaks.  So if you want your supplies to get through in a timely fashion, take these down.

Quaggan Camp (Lake)

Taking the Quaggan Camp in the lake requires you to take over the areas inside the lake marked by the double axes.  There are pearl orbs for you to destroy.  They are soloable, but it will take you a long time.  Best to bring a friend.  The benefit of taking the lake is a little strange.  Occasionally lightning will come out of the sky and hit enemy players.  This is random, and does very minor damage.  The other benefit is that a group of Quaggan NPCs will help you storm one of the keeps.
Borderlands Map Key
Borderlands WvW Map Key
World versus World Borderlands Map Explained


Supply Camps, and Towers, and Keeps, OH MY!

These are the very basics of WvW.  Hopefully this cleared up any confusion you might have had.  If not, feel free to ask questions in the comments below.  I have a follow up explanation of some of the finer points set for later this week.  It should be out later this week or next.  WvW is a lot less complicated than you might think.  Jump in at any level and start learning.

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