GW2: Is WvW Financially Sustainable? Part II

Not Exactly Going Broke

This post is a continuation of my last post on durability loss for WvW deaths in Guild Wars 2.  The good news is in the heading.  For this experiment, I spent an hour in WvW because an hour is an easy measurement of time.  Things did not turn out as I expected.  My hour went like this:

5:00   – 98c from a dynamic event
8:20   – 1s96c from a dynamic event
13:40 – DEATH
18:00 – 73c from a dynamic event
19:30 – DEATH
Repairs – 3s12c
22:07 – 98C from a dynamic event
23:29 – DEATH
36:52 – 36c from a dynamic event
47:57 – DEATH
56:21 – 1s96c from a dynamic event
Repairs – 3s20c
Total +65c

So before loot, I was actually up 65 copper.  I wouldn’t exactly call that good news.  Essentially, you are breaking even.  Or are you?  Let’s finish the other income sources.  I also looted:

  1. Cleric’s Speargun (Level 80)
  2. Slab of Poultry Meat
  3. Frayed Garment
  4. Charged Sliver
  5. Large Scales x2
  6. Rag x2
  7. Porous bone
  8. Unidentified Dye

Checking Auction House prices at the time, this amounted to 20s71c.  So after spending an hour PvPing in WvW I gained a total of 21 silver and 36 copper.  To me, that’s pretty depressing.  That means I got no gear improvements, and assumes I didn’t eat any food or take any potions.  I did disprove a few theories though.

  • I died less than I anticipated
  • I completed more dynamic events than I thought I would
  • It took me longer than two minutes to get to the fighting (3m)
  • I was up over two silver in the first 13 minutes
  • I came out on the plus side as far as money goes overall

I tried this unscientific experiment two more times with similar results.  This particular hour is pretty representative of my WvW experience(s).  To me, this is an abysmal return on my time spent in WvW.  Considering your armor stats are taken into account in WvW, keeping your armor up to date is very important.  This requires money that you aren’t getting from WvW.  You do get honor tokens, but not more than two at a time.  Even those are few and far between for me.  You need hundreds of these tokens just for one piece of gear, so I would consider it easier to grind out the gold to buy from the Trading Post.  But, where are you going to get the gold from?

What do you think about the WvW rewards system?

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