GW2: Lazy Warrior Build PvP Update

A PvP iteration on the Lazy Warrior Rifle Spec for Guild Wars 2

So I have had some time now to optimize this spec for PvP.  Let me start by saying this is NOT a team spec.  It is more of a self-sustaining / solo spec.

Ranged Warrior / Rifle Spec

This spec still assumes using a Rifle as the main weapon.  My offset is Sword and Shield, but your offset mainhand would probably be fine with an Axe or Mace.  Mace would likely be best because of the stuns, but I really, really, REALLY like swords.  Fashion over function in PvP, right?!
The idea is to do nothing.  Anyone can use this spec.  It is SO easy!  The Signets are the key to the whole spec.  Signets by themselves all offer passive abilities when they are not being used:
  • Signet of Fury – Even MORE Precision
  • Signet of Might – Even MORE Damage (Power)
  • Healing Signet – Regen Health during combat
  • Dolyak Signet – Reduce incoming damage
  • Signet of Rage – Regenerates Adrenaline (In case you need your Burst skills)
Your Traits give additional bonus’ to support your lazy habits of doing nothing:
  • Deep Strike – Signets not being used?  +200 precision!
  • Berserker’s Damage and Heightened Focus – Adrenaline not being used?  Extra Damage and Crit!
  • Signet Mastery – Need to use a signet?  It recharges 20% faster!
Now keep in mind, this is a lazy man’s spec.  To excel at PvP in Guild Wars 2, you are going to need to know when to use your Signets.  It feels like it has a

Trait Assignment

In sPvP you will have all your trait points to assign.  If you are using this as you level for WvW, follow this order for assigning points to traits.  You want to get a full 10 points in each before moving to the next.
  1. Strength
  2. Discipline
  3. Arms

From there, fill out your Arms traits first.  Then you can fill out the other two traits in whichever order you want.  Fill out Strength if you’re feeling squishy, or Discipline if you want a little more kick in your damage and utility.

Gearing Up

Prioritize for Power.  As this is a solo spec, you are going to want to front-load as much damage as you can.  Vitality and Condition Damage are going to be your other two choices.  Carrion gear is perfect for this.  With my trinkets (Rings, Amulets, etc) I am skipping the Vitality.  Berserker or Rampage gear is ideal for this.  I am opting out of Vitality because PvP is still a group activity so I want to be able to bring a little something to the table, even in this solo spec.


Basic Attack Strategy

The Volley attack will be doing most of the work.   The bleeds from your basic attack (Bleeding Shot) will be adding some pressure thanks to the aforementioned stacking of Condition Damage.  Aimed Shot will be your slow, and Rifle Butt will give you some needed distance.  Use Bleeding Shot 1-2 times to make sure you are facing the right direction, or in case your enemy interrupts you, etc.  Volley deals a good chunk of damage, so you can use it to great effect in WvW.  Open up on an enemy in the front of the zerg and watch them dip back into the crowd.  In sPvP, it’s good to open with when you want to move someone off their particular perch.  Otherwise, use Volley to put pressure on someone or as a finishing move.  Try not to spam it just because it’s up.



Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Or toss a link up to a Warrior PvP Rifle Spec you like to use.  Feel free to critique this spec as well – constructive discussion is welcome.  I’m trying to feel out PvP in this game without looking for any guides.  I’d rather learn it and understand it than just follow the lemming herd.Rifle Warrior Builds Page

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