GW2: PSA on Halla Corpseflayer Dynamic Event


There is a dynamic event in Guild Wars 2 that takes place outside a settlement in the Cursed Shore.  The settlement doesn’t have a name, but the waypoint is called Meddler’s Waypoint.  There is an NPC merchant there named Halla Corpseflayer.  Apparently she also starts a dynamic event.  It would be a huge mistake to do this event.This dynamic event entails you enraging the nearby risen to attack Halla Corpseflayer.  The objective of the quest is actually to let the Risen kill her.  It’s not bugged.  The longer you defend her, the longer the quest is drawn out.  I spent at least an hour doing this quest.  There was a huge group of players as well.  We did not figure out the objective until she was at about 15%.  At that point, getting other players to stop attacking so the Risen could kill her was pretty rough.  Finally the dynamic event ended, and I was awarded one silver, ninety-six copper for my hour of work.

Event fail.

If you manage to come across this quest, just remember the object is to let her die.  Kill a few risen to make sure you get your gold medal, but that’s it.  If it’s just a small group of players, it might be worthwhile.  Other than that, there are no fun mechanics involved.  At the end she just walks back inside the settlement.  There’s nothing else to see.  I was pretty annoyed.

Are there any other dynamic events you’ve run across like this?


As the first person’s comment suggests, this is actually a great event for loot.  I hadn’t even given this event a second thought since it annoyed me the first time I came across it.  You can stay for as long as you want to farm the mobs – no need to be there from start to finish.  Just make sure you have that Magic Find gear on!

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8 Responses

  1. Need to complete this even to have her change into a merchant for 3 minutes to obtain “Stein of Halla’s brew” for Brewmaster collection. Is there a way to start the event?

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeap thats it, also if you manage to find the timer about this event i would be glad! have fun and keep it up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    haha np mate! so the idea is to keep her alive! i filled my bags with blue green and some yellow loot out of this event! i just dont know the reset timer! it must be very very high imo! cause i only did that event like 3 times 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      also to add to my comment, that there is a sigil for MF that u can put on ur weapon that increases the MF for every kill to a cap!(actually gives more MF than everything else together if u go max, and with that event u will surely max it). amazing sigil for this event and not only for this one 😛

    • I plan to go over Magic Find optimization in the near future. That’s one of the things I was going to cover. It’s the Sigil of Luck – I use it too.

  4. You are very, very right. I actually created this post before I learned about Magic Find and dynamic event farming. This is an amazing event for loot farming. I will update this a little – Thank You for showing me the light!

  5. Anonymous says:

    nab, is all about the drops of the mobs not the xp and the gold! :p

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