A Possible Workaround for a Bugged Story Quest in Guild Wars 2

There are no spoilers above the comments.
Even though I already hit 80, I wanted to finish my personal storyline quest.  Trudging through it in the later levels, I came across a quest called Romke’s Final Voyage in the Ruins of Orr region.  I zoned inside the instance, and there was Trahearne waiting for me like always.  Beyond him the usual NPC gathering for the quest opener.  Unfortunately, when I moved to my quest marker nothing happened.  I tried moving beyond it and killing a few mobs, but still nothing happened.  I tried zoning out, came back, and it was still bugged.
Now at the time I had been grouped with someone else.  This time, my wife started the quest.  This time when we zoned in, the NPCs started walking and talking.  Problem solved!  I’m not sure what the problem was, but I have had trouble once before doing a quest while grouped.  Is anyone running into this while solo?
If you’re having trouble with this quest, try having someone else start it.  If you’re not grouping with someone, this probably doesn’t help you a whole lot.  I’m sure waiting for them to fix it, along with a few bugged skill point challenges in the late levels isn’t going to make you any happier.  I did a search through Google and Yahoo!, but neither came up with any fixes.  A comment on Guildhead described the same problem, but no fix.  So if you find some other way around this, please leave it in the comments below and I will update this post.  Otherwise, hopefully this is a grouping-only bug and will be resolved easily by switching who initiates the quest, or with an upcoming patch.
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  1. I’ve seen this once (no one in my group had the quest so I don’t know if it’s a group bug or not because there was no one else to start it). I found that if something is bugged in the regular server, it’s often not bugged in the overflow server (and vice versa). That doesn’t help so much in lower population zones but porting to a major city and then running out to wherever seems to be another possible solution.

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