Magic Find Really Works

I have personally experienced Magic Find at work.  I probably spent 2-3 gold on a full set, but I built that Magic Find Set over time.  At first I didn’t see any noticable difference.  I had a main set of Magic Find gear, which was about 21% Magic Find.  I was also using Magic Find food, which was another 24-30% (Chocolate Cherries or Lotus Fries – More on this later).  Eventually, once I built my Magic Find set out fully, the difference was undeniable.  Currently I am at 122% Magic Find unbuffed.

But How Does Magic Find Work?

Magic Find will not increase your loot drop rate as I explained in my Guild Wars 2 tips.  Magic Find will improve the quality of the loot that does drop.  For example, if you were to kill something without Magic Find, let’s say it would drop a Fine quality belt.  With Magic Find gear, of course based on the amount, it would drop a Masterwork or Rare quality belt instead.  That’s just a basic example, but you get the idea.

What kind of Magic Find Gear is Available?

Traveler’s and Explorer’s gear are both Magic Find gear.  Both sets give Power and Vitality.  The difference is Traveler’s gear gives Condition Damage where Explorer’s gear gives Precision.  If you are farming in big groups, the difference between them is negligible. The mobs will be dying so fast it won’t matter.  At least where I have been farming.

What Kind of Magic Find Buffs are Available?

There are several different types of Magic Find buffs available that you can use alongside Magic Find gear.

  • Guild banners – Purchased through your Guild Upgrades.  A banner is planted for 30 minutes, and provides a 30 minute buff for 10% Magic Find.  You can continually refresh your buff as well, giving you an entire hour if you time it right.
  • Guild buffs – There is another Guild Upgrade you can purchase that provides a 10% Magic Find bonus for 3 days.  This is passive and just has to be activated through your guild.
  • Food – The bonus from food varies wildly based on level and type.  Take extra care to read the food carefully, as there may be a catch.  For example, Chocolate Covered Cherries provide Magic Find only when a boon is active on you.  Lotus Fries provide a flat 30% bonus all the time.

Runes & Sigils

There are several different runes available with a Magic Find bonus.  Traveler’s, Pirate, and Adventurer all have Magic Find and other useful bonuses.  It’s mostly up to personal preference.  As far as Sigils, the only one I know of is the Superior Sigil of Luck.

It’s Worth the Money

You will spend some money to put a nice set together from the Trading Post.  You will also see a return pretty quickly.  I hope to post my personal thoughts and strategies for gearing up in the future.  In the meantime, I hope this little Magic Find walk-through helps.

Magic Find Part II

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